Minor Driving Under the Influence Explained

In today’s day and age of strict DUI laws, and an emphasis on DUI investigation, many more minors are being arrested for DUI. Unlike an adult DUI, a minor DUI is very different, and contains very different penalties and consequences. To learn these differences continue reading below.

What is a minor DUI? It is an offense that someone faces when they are under the age of 21, which is the legal drinking age. Also they must have a blood alcohol level under the legal limit for adults which is a.08. Typically you will see minors charged with DUI when they have an alcohol level between.02 and.08. However if the alcohol level is close to.08, then there is nevertheless a possibility of being charge as an adult. But for purposes of this article lets just assume the individual will be charged as a minor already if they have an alcohol level close to the adult legal limit.

Now the main difference between this and an adult DUI is the kind of offense. Typically adult DUI’s carry a large maximum penalty including jail, and fines. Minor DUI is considered lesser offenses, and consequently do not have all the penalties associated with an adult DUI.

Additionally a minor DUI does not typically carry the license suspension requirements that an adult DUI does. Depending on the State where the offense occurred, this may vary. But generally an adult DUI has more lengthy license revocation consequences.

Another difference between the two is the ignition interlock requirements. Since an individual that is charged is below the age of 21, they generally don’t have the ignition interlock requirements that an adult would have to confront. This is a big difference between the two, not only in penalties, but also in costs associated with the ignition interlock requirements. Which can range anywhere from $75 to $100 a month.

Lastly the biggest difference is a minor DUI is generally not considered a prior offense for sentencing purposes. Meaning if an individual gets a minor DUI conviction, then a few years after they turn 21 they get an adult DUI charge they will not confront more jail, fines, and license suspension due to the first minor DUI. Now this is not to say that the Prosecutor will not look at that first offense, and consider it in sentencing purposes.

Now not every state is the same, but these differences are generally universal

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