Migrating Cloud Hosting to MS Azure

Migrating Cloud Hosting to MS Azure

Amidst many, Microsoft Azure is the best option

Technology has made cloud hosting obtainable from supplies like Google, IBM in addition as Amazon. However, consulting a techno expert will assure that choosing Microsoft Azure is the best option.

Why and how MS Azure is different?

Azure makes you focus on the code and not the hardware. The applications internally function with several other elements by the Windows Azure agent that runs separately in each VM. In Azure applications run in virtual machines with its own VM on the 64-bit Windows Server, 2008 OS. The hypervisor is specifically designed for running in the cloud.

  • SDK Azure
    MS Windows Azure comes with SDK kit for software development. It is exclusively incorporated with a version of the Azure ecosystem that you can run on your own computer. That is the Windows Azure Development Fabric. It comes handy with Azure agent and storage. The user can work locally while debugging and developing an application and later move it into the cloud. Several such tools are downloadable from Vista Studio 2008, 2010 with SDK from Microsoft.
  • The Windows Factor
    As Azure is based on Windows applications can be easily written in the same programming languages that is used for Windows Apps like Visual Basic, C#, C++ etc. Old and familiar tools like Visual studio with ASP.NET is also used along with other Windows technologies. Developers who have such skills consequently can easily develop applications for Azure. The Azure ecosystem is more like the basic Windows ecosystem and consequently makes it easier to create a cloud version on an already existing Windows application.
  • Interoperability
    Hybrid applications can be developed with Azure. It allows on premises applications to use cloud sets like the cloud database and storage sets. Communicative sets run from on assumption applications to cloud and also mobile devices. Azure supports internet protocols like HTTP, SOAP,REST and XML in addition as open standards. Azure tools are for Eclipse and SDKs are for Ruby, PHP and JAVA.

Rating cost & affordability in Azure

It comes with an range of new features and sets, that you can get by with all your applications and requirements already if you are not very sure on how and why to use them at the moment. Deploying any of the data centres across the world and grabbing on the utilities, storage capabilities and scalability can make you think of the affordability of Azure application. Several costing exercises were run to discover and rediscover about the real financial estimation for running it, which is the ‘a-Expense application in Azure’. The current pricing will cost you around $3,000 per year; however, this is just an calculate.

The amount can increase or decline as per your usage requirement. No examination can precisely clarify the cost of running this application as the usage is variable and the resources are also shared with other on-assumption applications. consequently, the expected cost calculate of Azure is comparable. It is based on the application of the use of a single Web role, a single worker role that requires storage of about 20GB of data of a relational database along with the storage capacity of 120GB images in Azure.

Your own application capacity and requirements, operating schedules are different from others and is directly dependent on the load that the application would manager as per the requirement of the storage. Paying for Azure is not sky high, keep your worries behind as you can provide to live in Azure although the migration can be stressful however you will enjoy the feeling of being in a new and secured home.

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