Meow Wolf Denver Offers Four Child-Free Nights, and Fans Rejoice

Meow Wolf Denver has been a big hit since Convergence stop opened in September. And for some fans, the Adulti-Verse, an evening set aside just for adults, promises to make a good thing already better.

From 6 to 10 p.m. on four nights early this year — January 5, January 26, February 2 and February 23 —Meow Wolf admission will be limited to those who are 21+ attendees. If this trial run is successful — and it certainly seems like it will be, because Adulti-Verse slots are selling out — Erin Barnes, public relations manager for Meow Wolf Denver, says she expects that it will become an current characterize.

In the meantime, in their comments on the Westword Facebook post on the adults-only Meow Wolf evenings, most people applaud the development. But not John, who says:

I have tickets. Why discriminate against families and children? It’s art, not a bar.

Responds Jamie:

This is only two nights a month. Take your kids there during the day, put them to bed on time, and let us enjoy a kid-free Meow Wolf! We need it!

Adds Deanna:

As a mom, I fully sustain this. It’s important for parents to enjoy kid-free time, and for people who don’t have kids to enjoy public spaces without having to deal with our decisions to copy.

Comments Kurt:

Thank you! We would’ve had more fun when we went if the whole place wasn’t overrun with offspring.

Concludes Alex:

Thank you, Meow Wolf…. It was getting rough tripping balls and experiencing 1,000 kids screaming, crying and not listening to any authority.

Have you visited Meow Wolf? What was your experience? What do you think of the Adulti-Verse?

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