McDonald’s worker discloses what he really does when a customer asks for…

A MACDONAL’S worker has revealed what he really does when a customer asked for fresh chicken nuggets – and people aren’t happy about it.

One TikToker has jokingly revealed his dirty little secret to making old chicken nuggets taste fresh again.


One McDonald’s employee has revealed a hack for making old nuggets taste freshCredit: TikTok/@bigjettyfunny


The TikTok clip has been viewed more than 1.2 million timesCredit: TikTok/@bigjettyfunny

@bigjettyfunny posted a clip of him revealing the cooking hack in a short clip that’s already had 1.2 million views and some 1,600 comments.

In it, the McDonald’s employee can be seen handling some chicken nuggets near a thorough fryer with overlay text saying: “When a customer asks for fresh nuggets…”

He then put the nuggets into a frying basket and writes: “Just re-drop them. Good as fresh ones”.

“at the minimum [they’re] hot and crispy,” he captioned the video.

Fellow TikTokers weren’t so sure about the frying short-cut.

One user wrote: “I’ll honestly be fine with that, fresh as fast food to me is hot. I just don’t want cold food.”

Another additional: “Cold McDonald’s nuggets in the air fryer for 4 minutes on 375, already better than fresh.”

“Man, I don’t already care as long as they hot and not hard as rocks,” a third posted.

Others weren’t so sure.

“You can tell when something is re-dropped,” one follower chimed in.

“I’ll just go back, get my fresh nuggets and then notify the manager for free coupons,” another additional.

The Sun has contacted McDonald’s for comment.


TikTok users weren’t too sure about the controversial trickCredit: TikTok/@bigjettyfunny


Some users loved the idea and said they didn’t mind as long as their nuggets were hotCredit: TikTok/@bigjettyfunny

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