Make Your Own Solar Panel at Home and Save Money

Make Your Own Solar Panel at Home and Save Money

If you want to make your own solar panel you can save yourself a lot of money, not just on your utility bills but also on the price of the solar panel. To make your own will cost around $200 but if you were to buy one it would cost you considerably more than that. It can also offer you a great sense of satisfaction to do it yourself.

Most people won’t be able to generate enough electricity from a few solar panels to completely cut the cord from their utility company, but you can save hundreds of dollars on your utility bills and if you make the panels yourself that savings will show up almost closest.

The best bet is to find a step by step guide that will walk you by the time of action. You can also find kits online that will truly include many of the materials you’ll need in addition as instructions on how to assemble the panel.

Here is a list of some of the supplies you’ll need:

1. Solar cells
2. soldering iron
3. electrical cable
4. saw
5. drill
6. screws and glue
7. connectors
8. diodes
9. screwdrivers, pliers
10. electrical pliers
11. a good guide or kit

There are many places online where you can buy solar cells, already on auction sites. Just look around a bit and find a good price and a reputable company to buy from.

A solar panel is just a frame that holds the solar cells. Most homeowners simply use wood to make the panel though if you really want your solar panel to last using aluminum is another great option since it’s lightweight and won’t decay or rust.

You will need either Plexiglas or glass covering to protect the solar cells from damage. Plexiglas is generally a better choice since it’s much more lasting than glass. If anything happens to this protective obstacle, your solar cells will most likely get ruined. This is not the place to cheap out.

Decide how many panels you want and have room for and then you can buy the necessary materials to build that many. You want a identify that gets complete sun. The more sun your panels get the more electricity they’ll be able to produce. Going for it and learning to make your own solar panel can save you money and give you a lot of satisfaction.

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