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You can make your own carp fishing boilies with incredible potency and beat top readymade baits! Making carp boilies and paste is very much like making bread dough or cake mix. However the traditional methods and substances and thinking has truly changed and evolved very much, so much so that many commercial bait makers are now behind certain homemade bait makers! Read on for more information now!

The traditional method is to have two parts namely your liquid and your powdered boilie or paste base combination. These mixtures can be as simple or complicate and complex, but should be as potent as possible! This is an insightful guide into the world of beating ready made baits using homemade baits following an intensive 7 year study of this vital subject!

The liquid part of your bait can be literally anything that stimulates and attracts carp including amino acid complicate, flavours, sweeteners and enhancers and traditionally you would include liquid eggs too for example 6 eggs to a kilogram of base mix powders.

Your base mix powders could be simply 2 elements such as calcium caseinate and crushed seed bird food or be much more complicate. But ultimately you must ensure that your base powder mix and liquids are as bio-actively potent as possible and I personally include CC Moore Cyprivit enhanced vitamin supplement for example to assist with this on top of making my complete bait intrinsically as potently bio-active as possible!

Potency is a measure of activity in terms of the amount required to produce an internal effect of given intensity within carp in this case, consequently go for the highest potency elements, additives and liquids possible for maximum fish response; this is absolutely basic in creating homemade carp bait to beat readymade bait! To form baits mix dry powder mix to your liquids mix to form stiff dough or paste which may be shaped into individual baits any size or shapes you desire!

The name boilies is a information summing up the fact that these are bait baits formed by boiling of dough or paste baits to make them firmer or more resilient and longer lasting.

Originally a paste or dough bait recipe was made using water or other liquids. Later it was discovered that including eggs made paste last longer (as liquid egg is not very soluble.) Then of course the idea of boiling egg baits meant already more resilient baits could be produced, but all this came about by the efforts of homemade bait makers!

already by the late sixties carp bait pioneers in the UK were using basically the same elements as modern bait makers are nevertheless using, including Robin Red in many of their recipes. in addition boiling baits really only became really well known by the late seventies and certainly that was when I moved on from using special pastes and started using boiling techniques to make my homemade baits last longer.

Boiling also meant I could use much smaller hook baits as using paste bait often meant using much bigger baits to combat attentions of nuisance fish! This all happened prior to the hair rig being exploited by the herd. Of course when the boiled bait, the hair rig and the heavier rule bolt rig were put together my carp catches increased dramatically by the early eighties. Then by making homemade buoyant hook baits catches really went crazy in that period until the herd jumped on the bandwagon, which is when all the innovations of homemade bait makers really became priceless!

A associate of thinking edges in the eighties I used when most anglers fished over a bed of boilies or a bed of particles was to use a associate of white pop up baits in mid water held on tight with black foam on top and this was fished over a bed of mixed particles and crumbled boilies most often very course bird food high protein boilies with lots of sweet enhancers. These ideas which I exploited on the quiet came out of personal observation and observe taking, and continued hard experimentation plus sensitivity to fish feedback every week to enhance my catches.

Not much is new in carp fishing but the thing is that for the thinking angler, little edges and little refinements truly all add up together and make enormous differences to results. So if you are a fact follower or a bandwagon hopper bear this in mind because in this is truly the chief foundation of continued success and freedom very independent of any tackle or bait company hype or indoctrination or marketing manipulation of mass mindsets for maximum profits!

The very best carp baits will attract fish of multiple species already if boiled because their elements are so potent and many fish are sensitive to substances that carp are attracted to and stimulated into feeding strongly by. Part of the purpose for making boilies was to permit baits to resist attentions of pest species such as roach, and also permit free bait to be introduced at range, but attracting pest species is truly highly advantageous and creates competition that leads to more bites and hooked carp!

Usually anglers think that having a resilient boilie is best but after years of testing in many situations I concluded that the best results come on baits which only last a few hours intact which actively break down! Boilies which last 24 hours or longer are truly less effective in most situations because the rule soluble and water reactive substances which stimulate and attract have already been lost!

Boilies for winter must be the most easily broken down and most soluble as water is densest when cold and so dissolved bait substances are not as effectively distributed to attract carp!

Over-flavouring hook baits is a huge advantage in cold water conditions but in summer too when thick weed or silt are challenges and using betaine HCL is exceptional too in manipulating how much your bait is highlighted by powerful feeding cause, water ionisation and more considerably important pH related impacts!

It is your choice how potently powerful your homemade bait is depending upon how open your mind is to new input and in refining your creative course of action to create baits ahead of their time to beat any top readymade bait! Revealed in my rare readymade bait and homemade bait carp and catfish bait secrets ebooks is far more powerful information look up my rare website (Baitbigfish) and see my biography below for details of my eBooks deals right now!

By Tim Richardson.

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