Lindsay Lohan’s Most rare Bracelet

Lindsay Lohan’s Most rare Bracelet

Public had been quite accustomed with celebrities and athletes charged with drug possession and DUI. It’s always been in the headline and people just shrug it off. But some issues are worth glancing back because of the notoriety and the issue’s re occurrence is quite bothersome to the public ears. Take the case of Lilo, whom for sure her lawyer Blair Berk had a hefty payroll from always defending her over and over again.

It’s been a public knowledge how Lilo made her family, especially her father, Michael Lohan a scapegoat for all the mishaps that is happening in her life. In an interview, the trouble actress clearly said that it is her father that introduces her to the illegal substances. Clearly, if Michael Lohan just zipped his mouth then Lilo will not be in hot water that is the assumption that Lilo wants to believe in.

Just 11 days after rehab, Lindsay Lohan was busted for driving drunk and found with cocaine. Less than two weeks after leaving a rehabilitation facility, she was pulled over by police in Santa Monica, California, and arrested on five counts, including driving under the influence of alcohol, driving on a suspended license and possession of narcotics, according to a Santa Monica Police Department spokesperson. Blair Berk vaporized Lilo’s sticky legal situation before it goes viral, which makes Lohan’s payroll worth it. She’s been the celebrity’s favorite lawyer.

Then came the infamous electronic bracelet, a bracelet not meant for fashionable proposes. The alcohol monitoring bracelet or SRAM (obtain Continuous far away Alcohol Monitor) was ordered by a estimate for Lilo to use it chiefly to measure the alcohol content of Lilo’s body; if the actress takes a few drinks, the alcohol enters her bloodstream and is ultimately metabolized and discarded by sweat. The bracelet measures the alcohol content of the sweat, reports back to the monitoring stop, which in turn alerts the estimate. She voluntarily entered the Betty Ford Center, a drug and alcohol treatment center. At a recent hearing a estimate ordered Lohan to keep in rehab until January 3, 2011. The next court hearing is scheduled for February 25, 2011.

Lawyer’s profession may be good and decent, but the profession itself is not. Shielding the law breakers may be noble duty – it keeps the legal system’s checks and balances in place – depending your client in spite of if he/she is the victim or the law breaker is a tough job to the extent that payroll cannot already pay the price. Lawyer’s have to put aside their disdain for their own clients, in addition as his feelings with regards to his client’s guilt for the law’s sake.

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