Light in the labyrinth Unity

Light in the labyrinth Unity


Find a way out of the dark labyrinth!
Control the beam of light and illuminate your path. Pass the level as
soon as possible. The whole labyrinth is enveloped in darkness, which
makes the search for an exit more interesting and difficult. The game
has functional controls and a beautiful interface. Deal with the game is
not difficult. Finding an exit from the labyrinth is a very fascinating
occupation that can be tightened for a long time.

The game includes 7 levels produced. All levels can easily be remade
or create each level yourself. To create your own rare game, you just
need to replace the textures of the game.


  • 7 ready big levels
  • Easy to reskin
  • Easily Reskin and upload on  Android Stores
  • Built-in monetization
  • appropriate for all ages of people
  • Unity 4.2.x or higher (also supports Unity 2017)


  • Unity 4.2.x or higher (also supports Unity 2017)


1) Unpack archive

2) Open in Unity

3) Replace all the textures with your own. Textures are in the folder “Textures”.  The resolution of your textures must match the project’s textures.

4) In the script “Script / AdCelDemoGUI” in the “appId” field, specify your AdCel account ID.

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