Know About the Best of Kansas City Restaurants

Know About the Best of Kansas City Restaurants

The restaurants in Kansas City are famous worldwide and if you are a food addict then this is the place you should be at. In fact, people from all over the world come down to this place just to enjoy the varied cuisines served at different Kansas City restaurants. It’s not easy to pick the best restaurants as every place here has its rare and delicious dishes to offer. nevertheless here are some of the best Kansas City restaurants which are very familiar among the visitors in addition as the locals.


This place opened back in May 2011 and has been a hit ever since. Chef Carl Thorne-Thomsen has been the Best Chef Midwest nominee and also the winner of The People’s Best News Chef. If you are looking for a place with modern touch serving dishes having an influence of Italian and French this place is your destination. This place offers fresh, seasonal in addition as local elements too. Some of the famous dishes be make up of consistently roasted beets, the smoked duck empanadas and the octopus and for starters you can get veal tenderloin along with asparagus and delicious pistachios.


Here you can enjoy exquisitely prepared New American dishes served in urban setting. This place is known for engaging only the best grade elements as can be seen in ahi tuna tataki appetizer. You should not miss the chance of relinquishing the crafted sweets like spring mint ice-cream sandwich. The entrees include halibut along with buttered lily bulbs, wagya beef with asparagus and a lot more.


This is a famous Argentinean identify where the Midwestern cuisine meets the South American tastes. Be ready to be served with yummy blend of seafood with delicious grilled meats. For the appetizer, you can try the fired, flaky empanada which is stuffed with chicken and peppers. Feast on the ‘bife de chorizo’ which is 16oz, grilled KC steak served with roasted potatoes and vegetables. You have the flexibility to select from a wide range of fish dishes here.

Michael Smith

The menu offered here is well prepared by the eponymous chef who likes to make use of local elements to get the real taste of Kansas City food. The dishes include Columbia River sturgeon served well with spaetzle mushroom ragu, red-deer scaloppine and pork roasted wonderfully for 8 hours with delicious onion risotto. For diners, you can try meatball threesome along with braised rabbit and home prepared gnocchi.

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