Know About Quantum Thermal Straightener

Know About Quantum Thermal Straightener

Quantum Thermal Straightener is considered to be a solution for permanently straightening a curly or wavy hair into sleek smooth straight hair. It makes maximum utilization of the applications in Japanese long-lasting Hair Straightening System.

The thermal hair straightening device gives the best desired consequence of permanently straightening the hair by going by simple procedures. The first step is the Porosity Equalizer. It has the capability to equalize the porosity of the curls. This treatment contains conditioners and proteins and it enables thermally straightening the hair uniformly. The next step is the Thermal Straightener. In this step the Thioglycolate based formula along with the high conditioners breaks down the cystine bonds of the hair. By this course of action the curls gets softened so as to get reconfigured. This softened hair is to be washed to remove the straightener and it is then thermally processed with the aid of ceramic flat iron. The third course of action is Neutralizer. The thermally processed softened hair is hardened by making use of creamy neutralizers. The vegetable collagen, conditioners and the anti oxidants vitamins like Vitamins A, C and E and the humectants included in the creamy neutralizers makes the hair silky straight. The concluding course of action is the leave in treatment. This final course of action comprises of silicone, extracts of panthenol, aloe vera and the like and the most basic oils required for the hair which gives maximum conditioning and makes the straightened hair extremely soft and silky.

The inventive curl styling gadget, Quantum Thermal Straightener comprises of an out of ordinary patented conditioning complicate that assist in smoothening the hair cuticles thereby making the hair extremely manageable and giving it a shining and glossy look. Further it makes the most of minerals, collagen and multivitamins that nourishes the hair and prevents any negative effects that may cause damage to the hair consequently improving the texture and giving it more quantity.

The blend of the Japanese style Technology and the expert knowledge, experience and technology of Quantum utilized in the Quantum Thermal Straightener is sure to transform any kind or character of hair into sleek, smooth, silky, healthy and shiny looking hair.

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