Kings Bay Georgia Real Estate – Be Picky When You Choose your Realtor!

Kings Bay Georgia Real Estate – Be Picky When You Choose your Realtor!

I have been a mortgage lender for many years and have seen a few transactions go sour. When problems arise after a contract is signed, it can be stressful for everyone involved. Here are some things that you will want to know before you choose your real estate agent.

The Kings Bay Georgia real estate market has changed quite a bit over the last associate of years. The need for homes is high and it is surely a sellers market. Interest rates have been at record lows for over three years and young couples are buying homes instead of renting. Local home contractors are building homes as fast as possible to meet the need.

Due to the increase in real estate sales, people from all walks of life are taking the real estate exam, passing it and then joining up with a real estate company and deeming theirself as a specialized realtor/sales agent.

Many real estate companies have training programs for new agents, in addition as sales managers who guide the new agent and teach them the ropes. However, others give them business cards with their name on them and tell them to hit the pavement and sell some character!

When choosing an agent ask these important things:

1. How long have you been in this business, as a realtor?

2. How long have you been a realtor in the Kings Bay area market?

3. How many closed transactions do you have to date?

4. Can you provide references?

It is important to know these things! Before you move take the time to interview an agent. Choose one that knows the market and will assure you of his or her knowledge and skill in this market.

If they can’t answer the questions to the things that you want to know, pass them by. As a specialized, I want to deal with a realtor that is specialized and knows the market. You need a sales specialized, not an order taker!

Doing these few fact finding ideas will assure you that the realtor that you choose was not taking orders two weeks ago in the excursion by at a fast food restraunt.

Another Tip! Before you do anything! Call your lender and ask for a few names of area agents. I wam always happy to pass on the names of some top area real estate professionals. So give me a call or email me. Please visit my website at

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