Jan 18, 2006 NBA examination: Clippers Can Prove To Be A Contender With W…

Free Basketball Picks #1

Best: Suns @ Clippers: LA has been faulting at late and can prove they truly are a contender with a win. Without Richardson or Johnson, Bell and Diaw have stepped up for Phoenix. Daniel Ewing has been nonexistent in the starting role in place for the injured Corey Maggette. We’ll se if getting Kurt Thomas was the right move; they’ll need some tough play to outperform Kaman and Brand. expected Score: Phoenix wins in a very tight one 106-103

Free Basketball Picks #2

Runner-up: Cavaliers @ Nuggets: LeBron and Carmelo are in exactly the same situation, in spite of of their records. They both have to score 30 a game to give their clubs a win. They both get on the highlight reel each night. And they are both looking up in the standings. expected Score: Cleveland wins 103-98

Free Basketball Picks #3

Blowout: Mavericks @ Rockets: This was supposed to be a marquee match-up. It’s hardly that with T-Mac, Yao, Alston and Anderson all injured and more will probably pop up. When healthy they can be a postseason team. But with their horrific home record and extensive injury list, it’s extremely dubious that Houston will make the playoffs. expected Score: Dallas wins in a blowout on the road 105-84

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