I’ve Fallen Down and Can’t Get Up! Low-back Decompression Therapy

This is the story of “A REAL MAN.” Growing up I played all the sports I could. Each season had its own sport, spring was baseball, summer was water skiing, fall there was football, winter we had hockey on the frog pond and indoor basketball. I played as rough and tough as I could. When I entered the work force, I chose the manly profession of construction and roofing. I remember one time where we were building a beautiful house on a hill overlooking a raging river. The material for the house was delivered by transport truck but the truck couldn’t reach the hilltop. So, I carried all the material, 13,500 cubic feet, up that hill to the building site. Day in and day out until I was done.

Another sport I failed to mention was boxing. Of course all these sports, injuries and repetitive work loads played heavily on my body and I started to feel the effects when I reached my thirties. I ignored the signs and symptoms of pain as they went away in a few days. As I grew older the pain became more harsh and lasted longer. I remember a week where I couldn’t get out of bed and had to lay flat on my back while my wife attended to my every need. I nevertheless ignored the pain and tried to live and work by the pain. Remember I told you I am a real man!

No one told me that the first thing to fail on my body would be the discs in between my vertebrae. They were seemingly absorbing all the shocks and impacts that I was receiving. I had no clue that the nervous system starting in the brain and extending down my spine and ending in my toes would be the cause of all my pain. seemingly when a disc starts to use out, pressure can be placed directly on the spinal cord and the nerve roots coming out between the bones in my back and reaching out to every part of my body.

My low back was the first to give out. I had a throbbing pain in my back and at times a sharp pain would fire down my leg and cause me to buckle. I had to grab the nearest piece of furniture or I would have fallen to my knees. already then I would grit my teeth and tell my wife I was alright. Of course she knew better and would tell me so to the point of frustration. She, being the intelligent woman that she is, had been seeing a Chiropractor regularly and was maintaining a healthy lifestyle. She could shop but never drop. Meanwhile I had a hard time getting from the couch to the dining table so that she could satisfy me my nutritious organic meals.

Finally in frustration she told me that she had had it and that I needed to turn myself in. She said: “at the minimum find out what the hell is going on!” For her to swear like that meant that I was in thorough do-do.

I agreed to get an MRI of my low back. It turns out that I had a herniated disc in addition as two bulging discs along with disc degeneration. I got that much out of the report but the rest was in a foreign language. Knowing that I had a problem, I agreed to see her Chiropractor who in simple terms explained to me that I was in fact in thorough trouble and that I should have listened to my wife years ago.

He also told me that there was a possible solution if I would agree to accept care. Then he told me that I would have to come to his office 5 days a week for treatment that would last between 45 minutes and an hour. He pointed out that I wasn’t able to work any how and that my wife could excursion me to his office until I got up to the point where I could excursion myself.

The first thing I had to confront was that I was in fact injured, duh! And that I was in so much pain that I could be considered an invalid. I however had always weathered the pain and felt that I was indestructible.

I agreed to give it a chance, but if I didn’t see any results I was going back to toughing it out until the pain went away.

The first thing the doctor did was give me the proper vitamins to help the healing course of action. Then I was put onto a computerized machine that decompressed my spine to allow the discs to be sucked back in between the vertebrae. seemingly the discs have no blood supply of their own and the decompression allows for blood and nutrients to flow into the injured area to help heal it. See, I was already getting smarter and it was only my first day.

On my very first treatment I felt the relief when the machine pulled gently relieving the pressure. I gave a sigh of relief. However, the pain didn’t go away it only reduced during the treatment. I agreed to come back the next day and then the next and by the time I reached my 15th treatment my pain level had little by little gone down from 10 out of 10 to about 4 or 5. I continued with the treatments until the pain was totally gone and then received a few more to make sure that the healing course of action was taking place.

After the treatments were completed there was a period of two – three months where I had to watch what I did and not over cause myself.

Now I am pain free! I can do the things that I want to do. I am a man again! Thanks to all those that helped this stubborn old man to realize that he too needs help.

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