Interesting Facts About Telepathy

A psychic occurrence in which communication is between two minds is called telepathy. In 1882, Fredric W.H. Meyers coined this information, which has two parts — ‘tele’ meaning ‘distant’ and pathe meaning ‘occurrence’. The communication is of messages, ideas, thoughts, feelings or images.

While this was regarded as a normal human ability in tribes, it is regarded as a psychic or mystic occurrence in modern world. People have been interested in this field since the beginning of mesmerism. Post First World War, many attempted to learn this skill with a hope of being able to communicate with the departed souls.

Telepathy can occur between friends, relatives or any two individuals. We often hear of situations when a mishap in a person’s life is felt by someone else staying miles apart. This communication is felt by seeing images, dreams or hallucinations. Women are considered more telepathic than men due to their emotional state.

Biological changes include, change in the mental wave pattern of recipient to match with that of the sender and change in their blood volumes during such transmissions.

Telepathy is not limited by distance. This was brought out by experiments conducted aboard Apollo mission-14 in the year 1971. Astronaut Edgar D. Mitchell was in telepathic communication with four people on earth. While he randomly thought of 25 numbers to form 200 different sequences, two of the recipients on Earth guessed 51 of them correctly in the same order.

To master this skill, one needs to aim to free the mind of heavy emotions and feelings and circulate the energy amongst telepathic chakras, namely the heart, crown and solar plexus.

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