ICANN Vs Internic

ICANN Vs Internic

One of the first things you will see when you choose a domain registrar is mention of the words Internic and ICANN. Do not let this confuse you because they are very simple to understand.

ICANN (Internet Corporation for stated Names and Numbers) is the system that searches by every registered domain name to make sure they have not been bought by anyone else. Another service they perform is the allocation of IP addresses for the domains. They work with web hosting sets to ensure that all domains have a rare IP address.

Web hosting companies buy their IP addresses and use them to assign to customers. If the server they are using is shared, many domain names may have an IP address that is the same. The domain names must go to the IP address stated to them and this is another aspect of ICANN. In addition, the domain registrar can be accredited. This simply method they agree to meet or go beyond the standards set by ICANN.

Customers will be assured of receiving the quality and assistance they need when choosing a domain registrar that has been accredited by ICANN. Internic and ICANN are owned by the same corporation. Internic maintains a list of domain registrars that are accredited so that you may choose the one best suited for your needs. This will give customers the assurance that regulations set down by ICANN are being followed by the domain registrar.

When Internic provides domain name information to the public, the following happens. The search for a domain name is initiated, WHOIS, the server for Internic finds the name and displays the information. The domain names that are registered using an ICANN domain registrar is arranged by Internic to show the latest information WHOIS has on the name.

Should you find a domain registrar that is not performing as to the standards set down by ICANN there is a form that may be filled out for submission. Along with this there is also a form for reporting a domain name that is not correct but listed in the Internic directory.

Who is ICANN?

ICANN has headquarters in Marina del Rey, California. The corporation was originally produced in 1998 to supervise jobs that were originally taken care of by IANA (Internet stated Numbers Authority). This was work performed for the U.S. government. Organized under the California Non-profit Public assistance Corporation Law, ICANN is a non-profit corporation used for “charitable and public purposes”.

There are six representatives who make up the Board of Directors. There are eight who represent the interest of the public and the President and CEO. Introducing generic top-level domains (TLDs) is one of the things ICANN has been concentrating on. Another is the preservation of the operational balance of the Internet.

What is Internic?

Internic was the first to provide information to the public about domain registrar sets. This was until 1998 when ICANN took over. The website for Internic was internic.net and was run by AT&T and Network Solutions, Inc. Internic is licensed to ICANN and is a ‘registered service mark of the U.S. Department of Commerce.’

produced in 1993, the National Science Foundation produced the Internet Network Information Center (Internic). The creation was to manage the assignments of addresses. The contract was awarded to three organizations. Directory and Database sets were awarded to AT&T, Registration to Network Solutions and Information was awarded to General Atomics.

When it comes to web hosting sets the IP addresses must match without a problem so taking care of this aspect is relegated and this is one of the responsibilities for which ICANN is directly responsible. If you decide to choose a domain registrar which is not an ICANN approved registrar you will probably end up paying too much for your registration. These are usually resellers and they will end up using an ICANN registrar but you are getting it resold to you so the cost will be more.

One thing you should be aware of is an empowered domain registrar is the only one allowed to access the master database supported by Internic. They are also the only ones who may make changes to the database. The web hosting service that you choose should be one that supports ICANN and Internic. In order to ensure that you receive the best service possible and the registration of the domain name you choose, using these sets to ensure the name is going to be all yours is basic.

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