I Just Want to Ask a Free Question to a Psychic

I Just Want to Ask a Free Question to a Psychic

If you’re like me, I’m quite sure seeing the information “free” does something to you.

How many of us have ever dreamed of getting on Ellen Degeneres’ 12 Days of Giveaway’s during the Christmas season? What about Oprah’s Favorite Things? Overwhelmingly, people seem to go out of their way and almost are willing to sell their firstborn child to get something free. I’m a regular on cruise ships during the year and nothing is more thrilling for me than getting something free from a contest or just for entering the boat, already if I know I’m never ever going to use the item. Truly, free feels good. Why would that be any different in the vicinity of the psychic?

In my experience as a psychic, I have found that people relish in the opportunity to ask a free psychic question or get a free psychic reading. The offer is quite enticing: potentially discover something about your future that you may have otherwise not known, that may catch you off guard, or already surprise you. All this with no personal investment from you. I truly have no problem with giving someone a free reading.

However, my policy regarding free readings and free psychic questions may be a bit different than others. I will absolutely do those with the understanding that what I’m going to deliver to you is going to be quite succinct and not replete with a ton of detail. I tend to function this day as a matter of rule and fairness. There are those who opt to do paid readings with me and frankly, it’d be more than a little shady to give a person requesting a free psychic question answered the same level of care or detail that I give those that opt to do paid readings.

I also understand that there are those individuals out there whose only purpose in a free psychic question is to test the accuracy of the psychic they’ve chosen before they opt to invest monetarily into the psychic. This is a major reason why a lot of my contemporaries tend to shy away from doing free psychic readings and questions. Many find this testing insulting or as if they’re being used and I do understand where my colleagues are coming from; this method can be off-putting. I am of the school of thought that as long as the psychic’s time is being respected and is not being taken advantage of, a free psychic question is harmless. After all, we test excursion vehicles before we buy.

That all said, doing readings free or otherwise is always a time and energy investment from your psychic, so you should always be in a position to tip your psychic for nothing more than the time and energy that they invested in doing a reading for you.

There are those among us that do readings as a business opportunity and there is nothing wrong with this. This is a gift and much like singers and other entertainers get paid for sharing their gift, your psychic should also be compensated in some way whether they’re giving you a free psychic question or not.

Be blessed and be fair.

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