HP UNIX Recovery After "Can’t Read Superblock" Error

With HP-UX UNIX, after situations like operating system reinstallation, hard excursion formatting or unforeseen data loss, when you try to restore data from disk image, it may not mount. So, the data can not be accessed from it. It results as basic data loss and requires HP UNIX Data Recovery to be fixed.

While mounting the disk image to restore data from it using “mount /dev/sda1/image name” command, you receive the following error message:

“Mount: /dev/sd1: can’t read superblock”

This behavior of your HP-UX UNIX computer makes all your valuable data far away and causes serious data loss.


This problem generally occurs either due to Superblock corruption or Partition Table corruption. In both of these situations, data loss may take place.

Superblock is a basic HP-UX UNIX data structure that keeps record of file system characteristics such as its size, block size, filled and empty blocks and their applicable counts, location and size of inode tables, disk block map and its usage information and size of block groups. A request for accessing the file needs access to superblock. If it can not be accessed, the file system can’t be mounted and the file becomes far away. Any attempt for mounting the file system with corrupted superblock would likely fail.

Partition Table is a reserved area of HP-UX UNIX hard excursion that stores partition/quantity information. The hard excursion is divided into at the minimum one and at most four dominant partitions/volumes. All these partitions/volumes are described by 16-bit entries which constitute the partition table which is located in MBR (Master Boot Record). When it gets corrupt, the partition/quantity entries are deleted and consequently the data stored on them becomes far away.

In both of these situations, you need to opt for HP UNIX Recovery to salvage your meaningful data from logically damaged hard drives. It is best possible using HP UNIX Data Recovery software.

These software are specifically designed to methodically examine the affected HP-UX UNIX hard excursion and extract as much data as possible from it. These software incorporate progressive and powerful scanning methods to unprotected to perfect results.

Due to read-only design and interactive user interface, using these software is completely safe in addition as easy. In order to ensure complete HP UNIX Data Recovery, you should opt for powerful and strength packed recovery tools.

Stellar Phoenix HP UNIX Data Recovery software is an efficient HP UNIX Data Recovery tool to get all your lost data back. The software supports recovery from JFS 3.0, 3.1 and 3.3 file system volumes of HP-UX 11i, 11 and 10.x.

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