How to Uninstall DropBox

How to Uninstall DropBox

Dropbox is a fantastic way to go about storing your files in a backup location that’s easily easy to reach from anywhere in the world. But let’s say, hypothetically speaking, that you get tired of using Dropbox. What do you do then? What happens when you uninstall it from your computer?

First off, don’t worry about your synced files. They’re stored in the Dropbox servers in the “cloud,” a collection of servers that all work together to great number files and websites and lots of other cool stuff. Uninstalling the Dropbox client on your computer won’t affect this at all.

What uninstalling Dropbox will affect is the ability for your computer to sync files with the Dropbox servers. If you ever want to be able to sync that particular computer up with Dropbox again, you’ll have to reinstall the software and hook it back up with your account.

Enough about all that, though, let’s get to the uninstallation itself:

Uninstalling the Dropbox Desktop Program on Windows Vista or Windows 7

1. Open the Start menu, then open the Control Panel.

2. Select the Uninstall a program link or select the Programs and Features icon.

3. Select Dropbox from the list of programs displayed in the Programs and Features window, and then click the Uninstall button.

Remember, this only deletes the program and keeps you from syncing up to the Dropbox cloud. If you want to remove any of the files on your computer that Dropbox synced, you can just drag the Dropbox sync folder to your Recycle Bin, or right-click the Dropbox folder and click Delete.

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