How to Control Vibrations to Reach Astral Projection

How to Control Vibrations to Reach Astral Projection

Vibrations are pulsating groups of energy experienced by individuals who are entering a thorough stage of mental relaxation just before reaching astral projection.

The feeling of pulsations or groups of energy are really just brainwaves that are releasing themselves from our normal physical senses and awareness.

This stage is often referred to as the “vibration state” and many of us have entered this stage hundreds of times in our sleep. You may have already awakened in this stage, especially if eager or over tired.

If you have ever woke up and felt a numbness vibrating sensation as though you couldn’t move but seemed awake and conscious you were probably on the verge of fully entering this stage, but because of fear or not knowing what was happening, forced yourself to fully come out of it.

To reach astral projection, you must first learn how to gain control of these vibrations and allow them to progress. Many techniques have been studied to help us gain control in this “vibration state” including reaching for objects, drawing in energy, and extending limbs beyond their physical reach and back.

Here are some keys to controlling these vibrations to reach a complete state of astral projection.

Focusing Concentration

It is easier to continue a sense of control over the initial vibrations one feels by practicing extreme focus techniques like picturing a identify in the back of your head. Close your eyes and relax and continue consistent breathing by your mouth while performing this. Avoid any “self talk” or mental chatter by clearing your mind. Hearing your thoughts in your head can be a major deterrent for controlling vibrations.

Releasing all Inhibitions

Other than over thinking, fear and anxiety is the other main inhibitor when it comes to progressing from a vibration state to astral projection. Approach these vibrations with excitement and welcoming curiosity to help them progress, without letting fear cause you to pull out.

Gaining Knowledge

Reading studies, exploring techniques, in addition as audio and educational courses are all great ways to expand your ability to control vibrations and reach a state of astral projecting.

Listening to Audio Beats

Consistent brain wave frequencies, especially designed to continue the proper state of consciousness, can greatly enhance the speed with which you progress by stages such as the vibration state.

Exercising Patients

When practicing techniques to progress by stages of astral projection such as vibrations, or thorough relation, try to stay consistent and don’t waver just because you don’t see immediate results at the beginning. Abandoning your rituals will only set you back and in a sense force you to start again.

Clear Mental Exploration

To accept stages of astral projection such as vibrations and progress by them in control, one must approach these new sensations with a clear willingness to analyze new depths and stages of mental consciousness. Once this is achieved, whole new doors of excitement and freedom in the astral vicinity become possible.

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