How To continue & Repair A HVAC SYSTEM

How To continue & Repair A HVAC SYSTEM

For anyone who owns or manages a business, it is clear that things are a bit different than they are at home. The size of building systems like plumbing, electrical, and HVAC are much bigger than residential systems and are under much more stress. This increased size and increased use method that maintaining a commercial building system requires much more work and routine maintenance than a residential system does. Most people don’t understand how complicated HVAC systems are or how much work they take to continue. In order to help our customers get the most out of their systems, we’ve decided to offer in-thoroughness information about how to care for a commercial HVAC system.


The first major “special concern” that businesses have is the health of their employees. In homes, making sure an HVAC system is healthy is a little bit easier because there is usually just one vent per room and all it takes is a to peek briefly in that direction to make sure the vent is clear of debris, mold, or mildew. In a commercial HVAC system, however, it takes a lot more work to ensure that the building’s indoor air quality meets government standards. Since there are air vents all over the building and in places that are not easy to see or access, it is always a good idea to have a specialized HVAC company come out twice yearly to estimate the health of the system and check the vents for possible hazardous growth.


Another important part of maintaining air quality and maximizing the life span of the HVAC elements is to replace filters every few months. Depending on the filter, it may remove dust, pollen, or already microscopic materials from the air. Changing the filters prevents these things from getting re-circulated but also makes sure they don’t get sucked into, and break, the various HVAC elements. Clogged filters are unable to continue cleaning the air and can truly make it dirtier. Aside from the increased allergens and pollutants flying around the building, clogged filters can decline the air flow necessary to make sure the HVAC system roles properly. Results of clogged air filters may include burned-out motors and rusted fans.


In order to make sure that a commercial HVAC system continues running smoothly, the condenser and evaporator coils need to be cleaned about twice a year. Without the sets of a specialized HVAC company, these important elements can easily degenerate and shelter viruses, fungi, and bacteria. By cleaning them twice a year, businesses can be sure to get a return on their investment and avoid having recurring, expensive repairs.


While the HVAC technician is busy cleaning coils and changing filters, be sure to ask that the fans, belts, and bearings be looked at too. Just like in a car, fans and belts play a huge part in how the system works and, if they break, the repair can be rather expensive. By having these elements inspected twice a year, businesses can drastically reduce the amount of money they use on major repairs.

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By having a specialized HVAC company do a twice-yearly inspection, businesses can save thousands of dollars in HVAC repair. Remember, already though it seems counter intuitive, a bunch of small, regular repairs is almost always cheaper than a major one.

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