How To Choose Your Flooring Materials: A Comparative examination

How To Choose Your Flooring Materials: A Comparative examination

On the context of home design, we see an increasing trend of people wanting to optimize the design of their house flooring vis-à-vis the durability and resistance of their floors to various harsh agents. Although there are general advantages and disadvantages when it comes to different flooring materials, each material should nevertheless be judged based on several case-to-case bases such as: location of your house, general climate of your location, appliances and other materials in your house, and already your taste and preferences. The purpose then of this article is to provide a walkthrough to the readers on the character of different flooring materials in order to help them decide better on which flooring material to use. So let’s get started and let’s have a comparative examination on these materials as we go along.

Go Green With Wood Flooring Material

The green movement has gone a long way by our society and they have penetrated already the corners of home decoration and style. Wood floorings made up of little natural wood and other synthetic materials; engineered together in order to save a lot of trees from being cut down has been a popular choice among environmentalists and other people alike. This is due to the natural color and look that wood flooring materials give into one’s house. The natural color of wood gives every room a warm and comfortable feel. Also, it makes the rooms look bigger. Wood materials and tiles are comparatively easy to install and continue. A simple mop can already restore the natural color of your floor.

However, wood flooring materials are often unprotected to color aberration. by time, their color might fade and they might get destroyed by insects. You also need to control the humidity of the room because too much moisture will make the tiles degrade slowly. Heavy appliances and objects are also not recommended as it can deform the wood tiles.

Recommendation: Wood flooring materials are good materials for tropical locations where rainfall is minimal; no snowy climate is present and other cold weather systems. This material is highly discouraged on areas that are always flooded. If you install wood tiles on your house, placing heavy objects is highly discouraged as it can deform the tiles.

specialized And Minimalist Look With Tile And Stone Materials

Tiles and stone materials however provide a minimalist and specialized design in a room. These are replaceable materials and that there are wide choices of designs and colors obtainable in the market. They can also resist pressure that come from heavy impacts or objects and they are also resistant to water. These materials are also easy to clean and continue.

The only problem with tile and stone materials is that they are very hard to install. Also, on cold weather or in air-conditioned rooms, they might feel cold and already cooler to the foot.

Recommendation: This is highly recommended but not limited to corporate offices. The minimalist look that it gives to a room provides a very specialized aura to the whole place. It is easy to clean, hence it is highly recommended in offices where every moment is a rush hour. The cold sensation that it gives to the foot can also be deleted in offices where clearly, everybody wears a shoes.

Choose Carpets For An Elegant Look

Carpets however are highly elegant flooring materials. They can match to every building structure, design and purpose. They are already best for CEO rooms and other elite-class mansions. They can be laid on almost any formation and the carpet itself is a very beautiful room decoration.

The only problem with carpets is that they are extremely hard to continue. The dust that accumulates to these materials can cause allergies and other sicknesses to everyone. They also smell bad if they are not cleaned for a very long time. Cleaning and maintenance fees are comparatively more expensive compared to other flooring materials.

Recommendation: Carpets are really nice flooring materials. They can fit in all establishments. However, only put carpets in your house, room or office if you are sure that you can continue it thoroughly and regularly. CEO offices are the best places where one can put carpets.

Affordable Plastic Flooring For Commercial Establishments

For other commercial establishments that run small extent businesses, plastic tiles are highly recommended. They are cheap, affordable, and they come in many colors and designs. They are also very easy to continue.

The most problematic part of having plastic flooring is that they are not fashionable. They also get damaged easily. Their colors fade after a year or so and dust can build up in between the tiles.

Recommendation: Don’t use plastic flooring until and unless you are targeting a low-cost for your flooring. This is highly recommended for commercial establishments that sell RTW, school supplies and other small extent products. Do not install these materials, as much as possible in your house, office or room.

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