How to Call a Psychic: (And the One DISASTROUS kind of Psychic Reading…

How to Call a Psychic: (And the One DISASTROUS kind of Psychic Reading…

Who else is thinking about calling a psychic hotline or service? Are you disinctive what your future may keep up when it comes to LOVE, or passion, purpose or destiny? Do you believe in KARMA, or a connection that exists between all people, places and things… and want to analyze that in an intimate setting?

The truth is, most of us will be disinctive about the BIG questions in life at various points, and consulting with a psychic, or an intuitive who has uncommon gifts is a great way of exploring this WITHOUT having to make any huge life changes, or investing in anything weird.

But in addition… many people nevertheless find the time of action of finding a psychic they can trust overwhelming, intimidating and often procrastinate or put it off completely because they DON’T know where to begin.

In my experience? Calling a psychic is truly a super easy, stress free course of action once you know the in’s and out’s… and a ton of fun to boot!

I recommend doing a few meaningful things before you call.

clarify what kind of reading you need. (e.g. – every psychic has a specialty, and knowing what SORT of “skill” you need is a BIG part of getting a reading that gives you the answers you crave)

Read a few reviews, or articles, or customer ratings on the kind of intuitive you’ve decided on.

If you pick a network, or psychic service (I hate the information “hotline” due to it’s negative connotation) look for one that has demonstrated continuity or consistency. The networks we use and recommend are usually those that have been around for a decade or more… and that’s always a good sign that the service is good!

Relax! And enjoy yourself, too. Most people get so nervous before they call a psychic that it’s hard for them to course of action, or enjoy the information that’s coming by. You don’t need to take it all so seriously to have an AMAZING and eye opening experience, and this is something I’ve personally learned over the time of many readings.

Always write down 5 meaningful questions you need answers, or guidance with. Many people forget what they REALLY want to know in the heat of a reading… and having something jotted down to refer to, can be a HUGE help when this happens.

Lastly… set aside a small budget. NEVER go for free readings, or 100% free offers, because they are never good, never really “psychic” and almost always a complete and utter waste of your time. Plus they are really rarely already free… and instead, are only sneaky ways to up-sell you other things you DON’T want and don’t need.

You CAN (and will) get a great reading for 10 or 20 dollars if you are on a serious budget and know where to look, and that’s the most important lesson of them all!

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