How to Be a Successful National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) Member: How…

The NYSC scheme is an method for corps members to acquire useful skills, knowledge and abilities. These skills are acquired by seminar, training, workshops, symposia, colloquium, etc. organized by the NYSC in conjunction with other organizations. These life-changing activities are one of the most profitable aspects of the NYSC scheme.

From the arrangement camp, every corper will be given opportunities to acquire skill and information that will be very profitable in life. Speakers, professionals and practitioners from various fields will be invited to educate corps members on how to maximize their service year. Life after service year will also be discussed. Some community development service groups like: Nigerian Road Safety, National Drug Law Enforcement Agency, Millennium Development Goal, Humanitarian/ Welfare Group, Independent Corrupt Practices and Other Related Crimes Commission. Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, Red Cross. Etc, will also be invited to give specialized lectures. Their operations, goals and objectives will be unveiled. Corpers will be persuaded to join any of the CDS groups. It is compulsory that you must be a member of at the minimum one CDS group. At the end of the service year you will be given membership certificates, which are very useful after service.

except the above benefits, there is another silent but famous privilege of the NYSC scheme that will make you self-dependent, self-employed or gain employment before the end or after your service year. The NYSC always partner with various specialized bodies in the quest to make youth corps members self-reliant. These specialized bodies aim and equip corpers with necessary skills to make them successful. by the time of action of lectures, seminar and examination corps members are fully empowered. These prestigious bodies are nationally and internationally recognized. The importance of these specialized trainings and certificates are countless.

Although these specialized bodies offer world-class sets, their fees are very affordable. You may not believe the cost of acquiring these training and certificates. The reason for the reduced fees is that these specialized bodies are aware of the allowance of corpers, and they know the importance of corps members to national development. A typical example is the Institute of Strategic Management Nigeria. This Institute is one of the brains behind my successful writing and speaking career. Its courses on entrepreneurship opened my eyes to profitable business opportunities in the Nigerian ecosystem. They offer comprehensive sets, and I can testify that their lectures and reading materials are of good standards. The fee was very affordable. Non NYSC members pay a very high fee to acquire this specialized certificate.

So many specialized bodies exist, take advantage of the reduced, priced and acquire specialized skills and certificates. You might never have the opportunity again.

Most uninformed corps members perceive these specialized trainings and certificates as waste of time and resources. They believe it is irrelevant. A wise man said that” no knowledge is a waste.” As an engineer you need managerial and administrative skills, already a doctor needs it, in fact, everyone that dreams to be a self-employed must acquire these skills. A social scientist or a management graduate needs technical knowledge because diversification is necessary in the business or employment market. Let’s briefly discuss some of the benefits of becoming a specialized corper.


One of the cardinal goals of these specialized bodies is to raise professionals who will take the world economy to the next phase by the formation of profitable small and medium-extent businesses. Their entrepreneurial and managerial lectures equip corpers to confront the challenges of small and medium-extent enterprises and appear successful. You will learn how to clarify business opportunities and how to cheaply tap and execute them. The various method of capital generation and the functional steps to access these funds is one of the lectures I will never forget. These specialized bodies offer vibrant and interesting lectures that will rule a young entrepreneur to the top.

Statistics have shown that only 50% of small businesses are nevertheless trading after their first three years from the initial set up. Most failure is credited to without of administrative, marketing and managerial skills. These skills can be acquired cheaply by specialized training. I sold close to seven hundred copies of my books within one month by personal sales. It was possible because I acquired profitable management skills from various specialized bodies. They offer functional courses that you can never acquire from any higher institution.

Majority of both national and international organization when recruiting make membership of specialized bodies a criterion for employment. In most recruitment forms, there are always provisions to fill the specialized bodies you belong to. In some situations, the vacancies are limited to only applicants who possess a certain specialized certificate.

Don’t deprive yourself of a lucrative employment opportunity only because you fail to utilize an opportunity to acquire a specialized training. Nigeria has millions of unemployed graduates, with just few jobs obtainable. Only graduate with a niche can grab these limited employment opportunities. ‘Go the additional mile’, empower yourself and employers will beg for your service. Your curriculum vitae will already speak for you when you have acquired various training and certificates, they will send for you closest you possess the skill they want. specialized training gives you an advantage over other applicants.

I secured my first job closest after service without undergoing any aptitude test or formal interview. The owner of the firm was a Fellow of a specialized body in which I am an associate. When I discovered that, I told his assistant that I wanted to see his boss. When I introduced myself the only question he asked was; can you do the job? And I said yes, that was all. I was given the job while other applicants continued the employment course of action just for formalities.


The training, lectures, seminars and reading materials offered by these specialized institutions are supplies of uncommon knowledge. As an entrepreneur you need knowledge to outshine your competitors, and a worker must possess special knowledge to attract promotion and increase in earnings.

In addition, acquired knowledge can rule to the formation of a profitable business enterprise. You can become a consultant with your specialized skills and certificate. closest, you are inducted and certified, you are permitted to start practicing. You can establish a specialized firm where businesses will come to seek specialized advice, and you can make good money from consultation.

Currently, I am a management consultant, entrepreneurship expert and specialized debt collector. I am qualified to carry out these skilled responsibilities because I am a member of Nigerian Institute of Management, Institute of Strategic Management of Nigeria and the Institute of Debt Recovery Practitioners of Nigeria.


Information is the only tool for development. Anyone who doesn’t value information will become out of use. The world is moving, and things are changing every day. Your skills and specialized knowledge must be updated regularly to permit you to compete favourably in the business ecosystem and in the corporate course of action. Membership of a specialized body is a sure method to modernize your skills and knowledge.

specialized bodies always include in different research. This leads to inventive discoveries and mind-blowing inventions. Members also include in brainstorming sections that always produce solutions to challenges facing their profession. The only method of accessing this information is to be a member. They also organize seminars, workshops, exhibitions, meeting, etc., to acquaint members with the current trend in the profession. You can never be outdated as an active member of a specialized body. They also give specialized advice to members to permit them to conquer business or corporate challenges.


All you need to succeed in life is meeting the right people at the right time. Your specialized body can link you to people that can rule to your advancement in business and other endeavors. During specialized body meetings, you will meet successful business executives and professionals. Most of them are very influential in the society; they can connect you to a job, contract, business opportunities and already a political appointment. Nobody is an island, so you must interact with the right minds to succeed.

It is very important to state that the more you associate with successful people, the greater your chance of becoming successful. You can stand on the shoulder of some senior colleague and make giant strides. All you might need to become successful might be a call or a recommendation letter from a noticeable citizen.

It is possible to enroll and grab as much as three specialized certificates within the one-year service period. Just choose any specialized body of your choice in spite of of your course of study, because no knowledge is a waste.

Please grab this opportunity now, lest, it may be difficult and expensive to acquire such certificates at the expiration of your service year.

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