How Do You Prevent Termites? Learn How to Protect Your House by Preven…

How Do You Prevent Termites? Learn How to Protect Your House by Preven…

Termites can be quite good at causing damage to your home. However home owners unknowingly do a lot of things that may help the termites to cause already more damage. So how do you prevent termites? What can you do to put up defenses against them? And how do you stop inadvertently helping the pests?

The first thing you can do to prevent a termite attack is to call in a specialized pest control firm to carry out regular inspections.

This should be done already if you do not notice the first signs of a termite attack, such as small mud holes in the soil, wings, holes in the wood, crumbing walls or sagging doors. You should not assume that termites are not there because those signs are not there. In fact if you wait for those signs to appear you would have already suffered meaningful damage.

It is only by termite inspections carried out by professionals that you can be absolutely sure that your home is free of termites and that it is likely to stay free. They can advice you using their knowledge and experience of termites, where, when, how, and if, termites got or will get in to your home, so that you can with their help put up appropriate defenses. A qualified specialized will also advice you on other factors that will lure the termites to your home needlessly.

Some of these factors such as the ones that will be given below are shared sense, but homeowners tend to forget to carry them out. If you implement them you will be able to reduce the chance of a termite attack considerably.

o If you use firewood you should take care not to leave them on the ground outside your home as they invite termites. Always keep the firewood raised from the ground. Other wood items like sawdust or thrown away pieces of wood should also be disposed of properly instead of leaving them on the ground near your home. Also, you should not bury wood items near your house.

o Wooden trellis work should not be allowed stay in contact with walls of the house.

o Any infested tree or plant should be removed closest. already healthy mulch, shrubs, and plants, should be kept away from the foundations of the house.

o Clear plant leaves so that they do not build up in drains.

o Don’t allow water to leak from pipes and faucets whether indoors or outdoors. Prepare the ground in such a way that water falling on the ground will flow away from the foundations of the house.

o Allow enough ventilation inside the house for every nook and cranny so that humidity is less everywhere. And cover these small spaces inside the house with as much plastic as possible.

o Any fractures or holes appearing in the foundations should be filled and covered up closest.

In addition to getting specialized advice and implementing some basic shared sense defenses, you should seriously consider treating the soil around your house chemically in order to create a obstacle between possible termite nests and your house.

In other words act as if your home is already infested by termites. This will be expensive but it will make it doubly sure that termites will not have any chance to cause damage to home.

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