How Dangerous and Heartless Mosquitoes Are

How Dangerous and Heartless Mosquitoes Are

Diseases carried by mosquitoes are among the most dangerous in the world. already if most of these diseases affect populations in other countries where there is a larger density of mosquito population, you nevertheless have to be watchful. There are nevertheless mosquitoes in your area and they may be carrying fatal diseases.

Mosquito bites are itchy and unpleasant. Different people have varying responses to mosquito bites. Most people will experience having an itchy round identify on the area where the mosquito has bitten. But other people develop rashes and large spots that harden and become painful. While these can be treated with ointments, there are more serious consequences to mosquito bites.

One of them is contracting malaria. Malaria is a fatal disease commonly contracted from mosquitoes. Malaria is a parasite that infects mosquitoes. They are transferred to another great number when the mosquitoes carrying it bite another organism. Malaria infects the liver and little by little spreads to the blood. It can cause serious brain and organ damage leading to death. Around three hundred are infected and one million of those infected die yearly. But treatment is obtainable for malaria. Drugs can be taken to prevent the spread of malaria in the body system. It is only unfortunate that malaria treatment is hardly obtainable to infected people in other parts of the world.

Another disease that is killing many people in other places in the world is dengue. Dengue is contracted from female mosquitoes which live in dirty stagnant waters. Dengue symptoms are recurring high fevers and skin rashes on the limbs. Skin rashes indicate the bursting of blood veins. This is already a dangerous sign. If not closest addressed, it may prove fatal for the patient. When fevers occur, the patient must closest be bought to the hospital for check-up and admission. The platelet count of the patient will be observed. If it drops below the normal count, blood transfusion will be administered. With new blood transfused and drugs taken, the patient will retrieve.

Other illnesses acquired from mosquitoes are not as fast acting but can persevere for life. Elephantiasis, an infection that slowly damages the kidneys and lymphatic systems, causes enlargement and disfigurement of body parts especially the extremities. The disease is shared in Africa and India. Children most often contract the disease but sometimes they don’t show any symptoms. In these situations, symptoms begin appearing as they grow.

West Nile virus used to be a scarce contraction. But it has become increasingly threatening in more parts of the world, already in the developed countries. Few symptoms are seen to occur in 90% of infected people. Those which show symptoms are observed to be extremely fatigued and have convulsions. If left untreated, West Nile virus infection can rule to death.

Is there a way to avoid these bites? The answer is yes, there are truly a number of ways to avoid such unfortunate conditions. Before going outdoors, apply insect-repellent lotion on all exposed parts of your body, including your confront. Always bring insect-repellent when going outdoors. Check your surroundings for areas which can be good breeding grounds for mosquitoes like birdbaths, rain gutters, and ponds with stagnant water. Exposed and stagnant water are ideal breeding grounds of mosquitoes. closest empty these containers with stagnant water and seal them tight. Additionally, mosquito control becomes a MUST if you could observe an upsetting number of mosquitoes in your place. Contacting a specialized lawn pest control service could take those worries away!

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