Hallowen Trouble Zombies – complete iOS Game Code

Hallowen Trouble Zombies - Full iOS Game Code



the ultimate zombies side shooter game with amazing graphics and animated characters, one of the esaiest codes to reskin, perfect for 100s of reskin processes. one code to rule them all!

BONUS! : first three buyers will get free graphics (backgrounds, animated charachters, platforms, UI)


  • -Cocos2d source code
  • -sustain for all screen sizes including iPad
  • -proportion ability
  • -endless gameplay
  • -coins count


  • -Admob
  • -iAd
  • -revMov
  • -chartboost
  • -Applovin
  • -Intersitial Ads (Chartboost ,AdMob and iAd)
  • -Banner Ads (AdMob, RevMob, iAd and Applovin)


  • -Requires Cocos2d
  • -Requires Xcode
  • and your dramatically imagination


edit and compile it with Xcode (probably you know that

please observe that you must change the following:

  • Application Bundle (Bundle ID)
  • The Name of the producte
  • The Icon and Splash Screens, menus and buttons

  • Further info:
  • All resources are in the ‘Resources’ folder
  • The art and textures will be in the ‘atlases’ folder, you may use  zwoptex tool (can be found here : https:// www.zwopple.com/zwoptex/) for an easy editing for the atlases, or you can just use Photoshop

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