Hair Loss Concealers – Do They Really Look Good?

Hair Loss Concealers – Do They Really Look Good?

Since the earliest of times men and women have used some form of hair loss concealers. Balding is as old as mankind itself. In the earliest days people resorted to boot black and spray-on colors that darkened the scalp while thickening in any case existing strands were present.

These forms of concealers fooled no one and made the wearer look a tad ridiculous.

Although today’s concealers’ work on the same principles they are a far cry from the ones mentioned above.

Some of the latest developments in concealers already promote re-growth of the person’s naturals hair. The new formulas are much better and disguising the bald spots without themselves being noticeable.

The new spray on concealers is truly very effective now and though a lot of people scoff you could never tell who is using it. The blending of sprays to pigments have been revolutionized and the balding man or woman are the benefactors. You can get these types of coloring and thickening agents in the form of sprays and creams.

There are concealers that use a fiber like solution that attaches itself to the strands that are there. This product uses the processes of static electricity to make the adhesion.

These hair concealers are never meant to be long-lasting as most wash out easily or use off over a period of days.

They have already found ways to prevent the formulas from staining bedding, hands and clothing. That is what technology has in store for those who are unfortunate enough to experiencing hair loss.

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