Great High Tech Systems To Control Termites

Great High Tech Systems To Control Termites

When anyone has seen the signs of termites around the building, it is vitally important to get in an exterminator to make sure that they are repelled very fast. Indeed, uncontrolled infestation could ultimately make the house uninhabitable since the beams will not be safe or keep up up heavy weights like the roof or ceiling boards. There are several methods of getting rid of these creatures, but the new ways are cleaner and better for the ecosystem for sure.

With the old method of control, thorough trenches had to be dug around the character which had the invasion. It did not matter whether the garden was picture perfect, the whole thing would have to be dug up so that gallons of toxic chemicals could be poured in. This then formed a toxic obstacle to the creatures so that they could not move into the character.

However, many people have questioned this method since it is not good to have so much chemical being poured into the earth. Indeed, already though the chemical is toxic, it really does not take too much time before they break down in the earth leaving the house unprotected again. Once re-infestation takes place, the whole thing would have to be repeated which is a bit disturbing to say the least.

These days though, modern methods have come to the fore and they include long tubes which are pushed into the ground. Within the tubes are feeding stations which keep up poisoned food for the creatures to find. Once they find this easy food source, they lay scent trails along their burrows so that others can come and satisfy too.

ultimately, the queen in the nest will be given some of this poison bait and when she dies, the whole colony will be virtually finished. The operatives who control these tubes will keep checking to see if food is being taken and will concentrate on those areas where there is some activity. Of course, this will go on over some time but they use handheld computers to keep track of how much food is being taken and from which tubes.

Once the infestation is stopped in its tracks, it is just a matter of the operatives checking p on the feeding stations now and then to see if everything is well. If they are, no more poison is put down and the earth is not overwhelmed with toxic materials as in the old method.

This form of control really helps in those places where a trench cannot be dug. Historical buildings or places thorough in the city will surely not have pavements or sidewalks dug up just to stop these creatures. These tubes then fit the situation perfectly since they can be drilled in without too much disruption.

Many people may have seen these without really knowing since all that shows on the ground is a disc like protrusion which is virtually invisible to many. Try looking around some ancient buildings the next time they are visited and try to identify this great system being used.

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