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These golfers come from all over the world and represent all ages,
guys and gals.

Do you think they’re any different than you? No way.

They all wrestled with their golf game and EVERY SINGLE ONE of them used
the Renegade Mental Golf System to get fantastic results. Some were shooting
the games of their lives 20 minutes after using the system!

These folks are my idols because they put their ego aside and took action
to enhance their game. Some were cynical but they put aside their doubts
to give the system a chance – now they are free of anxiety, rocketing
tee shots straight downrange and draining putts like the pros on tour.

Now You Can Join These Winners At A Fraction Of

What My Personal Coaching Clients Pay!

What I’m about to do may land me in hot water with my private
clients. Look, I only teach this complete mental game to my highest-paying
students. They pay on average $250 an hour and are forced to pay a 2 hour
minimum to work with me. They pay $500 for a short afternoon of instruction
because they get results that make them giggle like school girls…

So, when they hear that I’m offering you the Renegade Mental Golf
System at a fraction of what they paid (just last weekend) they will not
be happy.

Here’s the deal: My complete course would typically be priced at
least $500. However, I’ve been able to transform the whole system
into downloadable format – so you don’t have to pay for a
glossy printed version. Also, you can download the complete system directly
to your computer which allows me to pass on the shipping savings to you

Although I can’t be with you in person, the 5 Audio CDs and instructional
manual are the next best thing…

This method I can offer you the complete Renegade Mental Golf System
for just $57. You can…

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