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Ghislaine Maxwell was dangerous predator, prosecutor says

The jury in the sex trafficking trial of British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell is scheduled to begin again deliberations on Monday as it enters the third day of talks after hearing over two dozen witnesses over three weeks.

Jurors ended their second day of deliberation last Wednesday before breaking for holidays. US District estimate Alison J Nathan told jurors that strict coronavirus protocols will be in place on Monday when they reconvene, including wearing hospital-grade masks. This, keeping in view a rise in coronavirus infections.

Meanwhile, Ms Maxwell, considered to be convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein’s close affiliate and former partner, spent her 60th birthday in prison. The British socialite has been accused of grooming, luring and recruiting teenage girls to have sex with the disgraced American financier over decades.

She has pleaded not guilty to all the charges levelled against her and has said she is being made a scapegoat for Epstein’s acts as he is no longer alive.


Jurors to meet under stricter covid protocols

The jurors are likely meet under stricter covid protocols on Monday as the US District estimate Alison J Nathan has earlier on Wednesday warned them to protect themselves against the coronavirus infection which is seeing a surge in the New York City.

The estimate said the Manhattan federal courthouse will be under stricter protocols when they reconvene as she advised jurors to use hospital-grade masks.

“I need you all here and healthy on Monday,” she said.

Ghislaine Maxwell, left, speaks to her defense attorney Jeffrey Pagliuca after the reading of the jury’s second observe during Maxwell’s sex trafficking trial, Tuesday, 21 December 2021


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Jury to begin again third day of deliberations

The jury will begin again the third day of deliberations in the trial of Ghislaine Maxwell on Monday. The jurors finished the second complete day of deliberations last Wednesday without a verdict before breaking for the Christmas holiday.

They have so far considered the matter for over 16 hours.

A courthouse police officer stands at the top of the steps to the New York City Federal Courthouse in the Southern District of New York

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