Get Kaizen & Watch Your Sales Pay Check Reach New Heights

Get Kaizen & Watch Your Sales Pay Check Reach New Heights

Kaizen is a Japanese term that method continuous improvement. It is taken from two words, ‘Kai’ method continuous and ‘zen’ method improvement.

The thing I like about Kaizen is it’s about baby steps. already I can do baby steps.

A few years ago I wanted to loose 20lbs. At first I had a positive attitude about my 20lb weight loss program. I already lost a associate pounds that first week. But then it seemed like too big of a job. (As the years go by weight loss seems to get harder.) A month later I was back to exactly 20lbs overweight. It was frustrating.

But then I changed my approach to Kaizen.

I then switched my approach to Kaizen, continuous improvement in smaller steps. I decided to loose just one pound a week.

What happened?

In a little less than 20 weeks I reached my 20lb weight loss goal. And it felt great.

What does this have to do with selling?

I have sold for years and I have literally trained over 5000 salespeople and sales managers in the Phoenix area in the last 8 years. Many of my salespeople have gone on to be six figure income earners in the Phoenix area. But they don’t always start out that way.

This is a shared pattern I see with new salespeople.

Billy’s first month selling he does a great job, near top of the sales board. But by the second or third month he has lost his momentum and is now near the bottom of the sales board. Like my first weight loss program he gets frustrated.

Some Billy’s quit at this point because they feel overwhelmed. Or they seem to settle in and accept their fate as average salespeople making average money.

Other Billy’s change their approach to Kaizen.

Then there are other Billy’s that switch to the Kaizen baby step improvement approach. They learn to do some “small improvement each week” in their job. In less than 90 days they are well on their way up the sales success path.

In less than a year they are usually making more money a month than they have ever made in their life. And the exciting news is as long as they say with the baby step Kaizen approach their success rate keeps climbing.

Which approach will you choose from this day forward?

If you choose the Kaizen approach, let “Selling Secrets of Six Figure Salespeople” help you with a highly effective selling tool each week.

As a six figure income sales earner and with over two decades of sales experience, I can help you reach new sales success heights, one powerful baby step at a time.

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