Germany Tightens Rules As Covid19 situations Soar

Germany tightens rules as Covid19 situations soar

Germans across large parts of the country confront a tightening of rules governing both private and public spaces in an effort to slow down a wave of coronavirus infections triggered by the Omicron variant.

German police in the Bavarian city of Schweinfurt used batons and pepper spray at protesters demonstrating against Covid measures on Sunday evening. 

Several hundred protesters had gathered at the rally on Sunday, according to a tweet by Bavarian police, which said the protest was not empowered. The police said in a Monday press release that they were “confronted with a heated, partly hostile air.” 

Since the start of the month, unvaccinated Germans have been banned from entering non-basic establishments. The rules come as infections appear to be on the decline and evidence shows the new Omicron variant is milder, similar to a cold. 

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