French Rock Music

French Rock Music

This rock music form is produced mainly in the vicinity of France and it is French, chiefly. In around 1970 Alan Stivell’s Breton folk rock had arrived in France along with French punk rock which came from various bands Metal Urbain and Stinky Toys. Along with this progressive rock bands some of which included Shylock, Magma, Pulsar, Ange and so on were also present. But this course of French rock music went by an alteration in the 1980’s. the political culture changed along with the change in addition as the expansion of the youth culture. Although there were various bands which were present at that time certain ones like Telephone, Noir Desir and Phoenix had taken the music to a completely different level.

In 1976 a band called Telephone was formed by Jean Louis Aubert, Corine Marienneau, Richard Kolinka and Louis Bertignac. In 1977 they released their very first self titled album and at the end of the decade they found themselves as one of the biggest French rock bands which were around. they spent their free time opening up shows for Rolling Stones, Quebec and the band managed to stay in the spotlight for quite sometime before they broke up in 1986.

Just as Aerosmith has been called the greatest rock band in America, Telephone was the greatest rock band which was present in France. When you take a quick look at the band you will think that they are trying to copy a sort of British rock meets American rock kind of music. But then this band hasn’t really become one of the most successful bands just for nothing. Aubert is a completely gifted songwriter and his lyrics consist of metaphors in addition as images and puns. Plus his voice is also very characteristic which gives the complete band their identity.

Another bright French rock band was Noir Desir which came from Bordeauz. This band was extremely active during the time of the 1980’s, 1990’s and also the very early 2000’s. this band has managed two albums which went double platinum and also three which were certified as gold. This band consisting of Bertrand Cantat, Jean Paul Roy, Denis Barthe and Serge Teyssot Gay disbanded in 2010. This band was a complete committed in addition as indie rock band, the band itself was surprised at the success which they had attained in the mainstream. But despite all of the enormous sell outs their music was always committed, abrasive and in a way experimental.

One of the top different rock bands in French rock music was Phoenix. This band is truly a Grammy award winning band. This Versailles band which was established by Deck d’Arcy, Thomas Mars, Laurent Brancowitz and Christian Mazzalai was formed in 1999. They released their two singles, “If I ever feel better” and “too young” from the album Untitled in 2000. “Too young” was truly the soundtrack for the award winning movie “Lost in Translation”. Their latest album was released in 2009 which was titled “Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix”.

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