Find The Best Current Home Loan Interest Rate – 5 Steps

Whether you are looking to buy a home for the first time, you are looking to move house, or you are interested in possibly refinancing your existing mortgage, the meaningful question you are no doubt asking yourself is: “Will I be able to qualify for a low enough interest rate to justify taking out a new mortgage at this time?”

This is a very good question – and probably the most important one that you could be asking in relationship to this matter. After all, just a percentage point higher or lower in your new home loan could average hundreds of dollars of difference in terms the your current mortgage payments.

If you are interested in finding the best current home loan interest rate, here are 5 steps to follow:

1. Look up today’s rate from the perspective of historical trends:

When you research today’s average home loan interest rate, it will only make sense in terms of its historical context. Meaning: you need to find out whether today’s rate is a bit lower or a bit higher than what rates have looked like over the past few months or years.

Hint: when comparing rates to historical trends, be sure to do so for the kind of loan that you are considering taking out. Meaning: if you are considering a 30-year fixed rate mortgage, look at the rates for that kind of home loan over the past 3 months, 1 year and 20 years.

2. Research your current credit score:

Run a credit report on yourself. Do so with all 3 of the big three monitoring agencies. You should make observe of your score so that you can determine how you rate. In general, here is how they break down:

750+: excellent

720-750: good

620-720: fair

below 620: poor

3. Put together the names of 5 mortgage lenders:

Now, do your research to come up with the names of at the minimum 5 mortgage lenders. You should include on your list any edges with which you already have a relationship. But, be sure to include other lenders in addition. Variety is important here.

4. Decide what price you are willing to pay for a home:

Access some online mortgage calculators to see how the effects of different interest rates – along with your current credit score – will have on the price of a home you can provide. Since you do not in addition know exactly what interest rate you will qualify for, find a range of home prices that seem appropriate and then choose one in the middle of that range.

5. Apply to all 5 lenders on your list:

Now, it is time to apply to all of the lenders on your list. Remember that, already if the first one you apply to gives you a reasonable rate, don’t just accept their offer. Instead, follow by with applying for loans with each of the lenders on your list.

Take these 5 steps to researching current home loan interest rates in order to obtain the best rate.

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