Effectively Manage Your Ant Problems

Effectively Manage Your Ant Problems

Fire ants, carpenter ants, and argentine ants are some of the most commonly known species of ants in the United States. Every specie of ant is controlled or eradicated in similar ways, all except the carpenter ants. These ants, when found, must be exterminated professionally, due to its highly destructive capacity, especially in structures.

Ants typically group themselves into colonies to find food, water, and to build their habitation. They work in groups, with scouts who leave scent trails for others to follow home or to an area replete with food. Some ants also create sub-colonies next to their source of food and bring out queens to create new independent colonies.

The best ant control tip to help deal with these pesky little critters is to seal any fractures or crevices with which they will be able to go into your home. Substances such as Vaseline, cinnamon, chili powder, and boric acid are know to deter ants from crossing borders. By blocking their entrance to your home, ants will be unable to gather resources. Another way to eliminate ants is to eliminate the scent trail which scouts leave. One can do this by either killing the scouts or wiping out the scent trail. One of the best ways to do this is to follow the ants to the trail entrance and wiping out the trail with warm soapy water. Ants will generally try to move the source or scent, but after repeated erasings, the ants will give up in a week’s time.

Lastly, eliminating the ant’s food source is a great way to be rid of them for good! Scouts are the ones which function as gatherers in an ant colony. It is their job to locate and transport food from the source back to the colony. In due time they will be able to infiltrate and locate every foodstuff in your house. Ants are not generally picky when it comes to food, and they’ll eat everything that’s there, or get to it ultimately.

To stop them from locating and attaining their resources, put your foods in firmly sealed containers and refrigerate them. Be sure that every inch of your living quarters and your home in general is clean and free of crumbs or leftover foodstuffs. Keeping your counters and sinks dry will cut off their supplies of water, which will discourage them from foraging in your home.

If the pet bowl is a source of food for ants, creating a obstacle around it by placing a bowl or dish with some soapy water under it will prevent ants from crossing over. If somehow any of these simple procedures nevertheless fail to eliminate your ant problem, contacting your pest control provider or your nearest pest service person will ensure that your ant problems will be history!

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