Effective Termite Control Methods to Make Your Premises Termite Proof

Effective Termite Control Methods to Make Your Premises Termite Proof

Termites or white ants belong to the insect family called isopteran and there are 1800 different species of these little creatures. However, all of them are feeding on wooden material more specifically on dead wood since they transform cellulose into energy for living. Termites are very dangerous insects for many North American households in way that most houses were built by using wood for structural partitions and columns.

Termites are aggressive destroyers and they need to be treated professionally as the infestation is always immense. As treatment generally involves specialized tools, equipment and chemicals, home treatment only works in localized area but extermination of termites needs specialized help. Below I am going to present some really useful methods that can help you to deal with these destructive insects.

Effective Termite Control Methods:

1. Fumigation: This works best on dry wood termites, though expensive is very effective. This procedure is long as it involves tenting the infested structure, evacuating the residents and pumping gas in to the spoiled wood to eliminate all insects and their eggs.

2. Insecticides: The insecticides can be shot directly in to the diseased wood or in the ground or soil. Holes are drilled in the infested wood and chemicals are pumped by the holes. Termites will whither and die within six months. Each holed is sealed so as to prevent them from coming out and attacking different structure.

3. Heat treatment: This is one of the very effective termite control techniques to exterminate dry wood termites from your premises. Propane heat is blown in to the structure and interior and exterior walls are heated to 120 degrees F. this methods do not cause any structural damages.

4. halting: Works best for small areas. Liquid nitrogen is pushed into the infested areas and walls or their nests are halting. This course of action is effective in the earlier stages of colony growth.

5. Boric acid: Boric acid is dissolved and painted in the infested area. This helps to keep termites under control for years. This is effective in wood treatment and again works best as a preventive measure.

6. Microwave rays: Small areas like windows, doors, and walls can be treated with this method. Microwave device shoot rays and termites can be killed within 2-3 days.

You can make your premises termite proof by undertaking anti-termite treatment during construction. Termites will not move into easily once you use pre-construction anti-termite treatment.

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