ECHO: Why Your Home’s HVAC System Matters?

ECHO: Why Your Home’s HVAC System Matters?

Although, home ownership, is often considered, an important part of the American Dream, and, for most of us, the value of our house, represents, our single – biggest, financial asset, many homeowners, tend to pay, an insufficient amount of attention, to what is referred to as, the HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning), aspects, quality, and effectiveness/ efficiencies, etc! If, we should have learned, any basic, valuable lessons, from this horrific pandemic, it is, air quality, and purification, etc, is a meaningful consideration, in taking care of our health, and well – being. How well, and often, our air is cleansed, and re – circulated, the cleanliness and efficiencies/ capabilities, of the filters, etc, are important, to consider. To simplify, this concept, I refer to this focus, as using the ECHO approach/ method. With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, what this method, and represents, and why it matters.

1. Energy savings; efficiency; expense: Owning a house, is often, expensive – enough, so, doesn’t it make sense, to attempt to, ensure, you aren’t paying more than necessary, to heat, cool, and continue the air quality of your home? Every heating system, today, receives and Energy Rating, which indicates, its efficiency, and the expense, in normal operation. Depending on your specific home, including its age, layout, internal systems, and existing equipment, one should have a specialized, examine it, and provide, an examination, in terms of these qualities, which are basic, financially, and in terms of healthy living!

2. Cleaner air: One thing, we should have learned, if we didn’t already know, is the strength and importance of overall, air quality. Much has been said, about, using HEPA filters, MERV – 13, etc, in order to unprotected to the objective, of cleaner air. If, one’s existing system doesn’t permit this kind of upgrade (or, is financially, unfeasible), it may be wise, to place, several, portable, air purification systems, around the house, to scrub – the – air, often, etc!

3. Health; healthier; healing: Most of us believe, our overall health, is the most important thing, in life! To enjoy, a healthier ecosystem, within your home, press improving, and enhancing the healing qualities, and capabilities, within the structure, in an effective manner!

4. Optimize/ optimal: Balance your financial abilities, and personal situation, with the importance of living in a healthier ecosystem, and seek, to optimize conditions, in addition as possible. Make this a consideration, when it comes to deciding to buy a house! Focus on balancing, efficiency/ efficiencies, energy – related costs, and enjoying a healthy, living ecosystem/ conditions, when it comes to where, you live, and use, so much of your time.

Use the best combination of approaches, which makes you, better – positioned, to meet your objectives. Use the ECHO approach, to help you weigh, and consider, what makes sense, for you!

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