DUI Laws – Don’t Get Caught Driving Under the Influence!

DUI Laws – Don’t Get Caught Driving Under the Influence!

There are many things that tend to scare a man during the progress of his life, mice, spiders, mowing the lawn, missing a tailgate party… but all these incidences pale compared to being caught driving under the influence!

Unlike mowing the lawn to which you can pay off your little brother-in-law to do for you, being arrested for a dui comes with a hefty lifestyle adjustment, none of which is pleasant, especially in today’s economy.

Depending on which state you were caught defiling tax payers money on its highway, the minimum penalty you’re likely to confront is a suspended license, for anywhere between 6 to 12 months for the first offence.

Add to the above the possibility of you being tried as felon, and having a record that cannot be expunged, and which will become freely obtainable to all prospective future employers!

I digress.

You only have to read horror stories in other places on the internet about drunk driving stories, to realize that this is not an offense you want to get caught at.

In case you were not aware, most drunk driving offenses are considered a felony, and law enforcement does not take kindly to this kind of crime!

No self-respecting cop who catches you for drunk driving, courtesy of multiple hiccups and slurred speech is going to let you go easily, not when overtime is nonexistent in this profession anyway!

Want to know how cops know the driver behind the wheel they’re following is under the influence? Well, my friend who has had close calls with this kind of difficult situation tells me drunk drivers tend to excursion well below the speed limit on the state roads they may happen to be driving on!

Go figure! So in essense, drunk drivers need to excursion faster then to avoid suspicion!

Who woulda thunk?

Unlike NBC’s to Catch a Predator, which comes with national television notoriety, being arrested for drunk driving comes with none of these perks, save for a night out for a fleeting sojourn on a concrete slab at some random precinct somewhere downtown.

The law is definitely not lenient on drunk driving offenses, and dui law attorneys, if you can find one sobber enough to get you out of the slammer before daybreak, will only be too happy to charge you an arm and a leg, and then some, just to fill out their identifying characteristics, testify to representing you, and then excursion you to your sorry spouse where you would have to explain the reason for coming home at dawn instead of before midnight, as is your usual MO.

clearly if you’re teetotal, none of this makes sense to you, but for those searching the internet right now for cure of a DUI offense, have heart, we have all the resources you need to wiggle your way out of jail, without collecting $200 as you would in the game of monopoly!

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