Doctors hoping more families put down the phone with ‘Turn It Off Toda…

AUSTIN (KXAN) — The average American spends seven hours and 11 minutes a day looking at screens, and whether it’s the TV or your phone, all that time looking at screens is impacting your health.

Doctors say too much screen time is connected to anxiety and depression, inability to focus, sleep problems and neck and back pain. That’s why doctors have launched a campaign to get you to unplug.

The Texas Medical Association is behind “Turn It Off Today.” It’s a potential that families can make to take a break from electronic devices.

The TMA says kids are often more interested in their phones than truly socializing nowadays.
One of the goals of this project is to get them active and engaged with each other.

Parents are promoted to limit their screen time in addition and be a good influence on their children.
The TMA says if you don’t have kids, try to keep up yourself accountable in addition.

Find ways to get outside or any other option to disconnect for a little bit.

Staying off your phone an hour before bed could raise your mood.

Doctors say time outdoors improves memory, self-esteem and stress levels in kids. Getting outside can also help control a person’s natural sleep rhythm.

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