Detoxifying & Healing Bath & Foot Soak

Detoxifying and Healing Bath:

Set the mood for relaxation and healing by lighting a candle or candles. Put on your favorite, soul soothing music, or just listen to the water as it cascades into your bath. Add 5-8 drops of Cypress pure basic oil (or other detoxifying pure basic oil, or blend) to 1-4 cups of sea salt in a bowl, stir this blend of salt and cypress oil briefly. Your sea salts will act as a carrier for dispersing your oils into your warm bath water.

Add this combination to your bath just before stepping in. Fill the bath up to your neck, and allow yourself to relax deeply. Soak for 15-20 minutes, or until the waters cool. During this time imagine any toxins, or negative emotion being drawn out, and cleansed completely from your body and mind.

Please observe: Natural sea salts are high in minerals and charged with electrical and healing similarities that you can especially assistance from in a warm bath. A sea salt bath with pure basic oils is an effective way to cleanse your chakras and auric energy field. You can buy natural sea salt in your local health-food store in the spice section.

At the end of your soak, imagine any toxins, or negative emotion that have been cleansed from your body and mind going down the drain. Breathe deeply as you feel renewed in your body, mind, and soul, and give thanks. Conclude with an invigorating shower, using your favorite shampoo and soap. Allow yourself to luxuriate, and pamper yourself with good feelings of self love and appreciation. See yourself bathed in a pink glow of light and love. Dry off with a big fluffy towel, and continue to relax as long as you like, listen to your favorite music, read poetry, write in your journal. Do at all event feels most perfect for you in this moment!

Detoxifying & Healing Foot Soak:

You can unprotected to noticeable results for detoxifying and healing your body, mind, and soul with a relaxing and rejuvenating foot soak (hot or cold as desired).

Disperse one or two drops of an basic oil, or blend of your choice in a basin of water by blending them first with a teaspoon of sea salt, honey, cream, or jojoba oil and then thoroughly mixing them into your foot bath. Soak your feet for 10-15 minutes time, or until the waters begin to become tepid to the touch.

May you come to know aromatherapy as a wonderful friend, you can rely on for unconditional love, sustain, and healing.

Please observe: There are many cheap, synthetic copies of basic oils obtainable, but these are not recommended for therapeutic use. Synthetic derivatives although much less expensive will never give you the desired results for therapeutic assistance and may already create negative side effects such as allergic responses. To unprotected to truly exceptional results for ones health and well-being basic oils must be absolutely pure and unadulterated. For best results buy only premium quality basic oils. To insure a superior aroma experience please always choose basic oils that are guaranteed to be organically grown, and GC/MS tested for purity and pesticide free.

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