Deliver Correct Real Estate Market Valuation and character Tax popularity Course for Residential and Business Real Estate

Lowering Your or a Client’s character Tax!
Also Is A Highly Rewarding Residential, Commercial, Industrial character Tax Consulting Business
In A Multi-Trillion Dollar Industry

character Tax Consultant Course = meaningful Savings for Homes and Businesses

character Tax Consultant

Tax Assessor

Verified Multiple Listing Service Sold Evidence ( comparable features, concessions, dates and accurate sold valuation) photocopy evidence, meaningful market value comparisons.


Back Up Evidence Rules For Deriving Accurate Sound Logic for an Opinion of Value Referenced Appraisal Institute Conclusions (hands-on information written by leading appraisal practitioners in Appraisal Journal and others respected supplies ).


Physically Inspect (as appropriate) and Analyze Comparable similarities For Comparative Market Value Differences


Adjustment Spread Sheet for all applicable Adjustment Categories. Item-by-item view of evidence including a narrative citing evidence and basis for the value conclusion.


Pro-active To Help Lower character Tax Over-Assessed Homeowners and Businesses




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Real Estate Appraisal and character Tax Consultant Residential & Commercial Courses

   Using Correct Real Estate Market Valuation for residential and commercial businesses need to correct egregious over-assessed similarities and tax overpayments due to
faulty municipal assessments.

     Why such large
over-assessment errors? An accurate market valuation home appraisal costs
$300 to $450. Municipalities without the
funding to conduct expensive blanket reassessments for their territories.
The time spent per assessment is minimal. Very often past…

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