Dating Singles-Are You Asking 4 Questions That ward off Love?

Dating Singles-Are You Asking 4 Questions That ward off Love?

By asking better questions, you attract love and build better relationships including your most important relationship – the one you have with yourself. Let’s enhance your love habit by avoiding 4 wrong questions and asking the right ones that attract happy, sexy love.

Wrong Question #1: When will I find love?

This question focuses on a without of love. What you focus on grows. If you focus on without, you grow more feelings and circumstances of without. How do you grow love instead of without?

What to ask instead: When will I give thanks for all the love in my life?

Now is the best time to accept what the greatest teachers have been telling us for centuries: We all have an infinite source of love inside us. Because we are overflowing with love in our chief, we can’t without love. How do we tap into our true essence of love?

Focus on all the faces of love in your life and give thanks for love throughout each day. Focusing on love and gratitude are thoughts that have the highest energy vibrations. That’s how you send out good vibrations of love and attract already more love, since like attracts like.

Wrong Question #2: Why is this happening to me?

This question makes you a victim of circumstances and other people’s actions or inaction. Nobody escapes challenges nor curves life throws. Everyone gets to choose how you manager them. Ready to break the love habit of being the victim?

What to ask instead: What can I learn from this?

As you confront each problem, you choose to find the solution that exists within it. You don’t blame circumstances or challenges. Instead you empower yourself to take complete responsibility for finding the gift of a love lesson inside each of them. And you give thanks for the teacher and the lesson you needed in this moment to become your best you.

Wrong Question #3: How can I hurt him/her for hurting me?

This question focuses on your wrongdoers and bonds you to them and the pain they’ve caused you. What you think about, you bring about. When you think about what went wrong, you get more of it. You imprison yourself in negativity that steals your joy and your sex allurement, while thinking that your wrongdoers will suffer. Ready to replace a desire for revenge with a more attractive love habit?

What to ask instead: How can I thank the people who help me?

Before you can thank your helpers, you need to clarify them. For one complete day, look at everyone who helps you in some way:

* A bus driver gets you to work safely.

* A grocery accompanying packs your purchases without breaking anything.

* An assistant anticipates your needs or fulfills your requests.

* A mail person walks your package to your door, when it won’t fit in the mailbox.

* A friend or loved one calls to see how you’re doing or to proportion their news.

* A snowplow clears the roads, so you can safely get to your destination.

* The strength company fixes downed wires and restores your cozy security.

* You help yourself up when life slams you down.

Once you focus on all the people who help you by the day, including how you help yourself, be sure to express your gratitude in some way, by sharing a smile, by saying the words, “Thank you,” or “I appreciate you for (fill in the blank).” Expressing gratitude attracts already more good things into your life. Don’t take my information for it. Try it today and see for yourself.

Wrong Question #4: How can I get what I need from him/her?

This question focuses on what you’re not getting from someone else, as if something is missing and it’s their fault. When you focus on blame for what’s missing, you get more reasons to blame and feel empty. Ready to replace that thinking with something better?

What to ask instead: How can I give myself what I need?

Healthy self love is sexy, not selfish. Expecting someone else to fill your own needs makes you a victim of their mercy or without thereof. It prolongs painful feelings of emptiness and blame.

Ask yourself what you needed and did not get from someone else. Ask yourself what you wanted, but did not request. Now give yourself in any case is missing, in any case you did not get from someone else.

That’s how you fill your empty feelings with happy, sexy love, and you attract already more love, like the irresistible love magnet you are in your chief.

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