Copper Wire Without Insulation

Copper Wire Without Insulation

Copper wires are used in everything. They are the best conductor of electricity, which is the reason that they are used so often. The bare and tinned copper wire can already be used to ground electrical systems. Without insulation they should not be used to transmit electricity because of the fact that it is lacking the insulation. The insulation is used to prevent those individuals who accidentally touch the wire from being electrocuted.

Bare substantial Copper

substantial bare copper can be used as ground wire. It is a non-flexible ground wire. And it is obtainable in a range of sizes, anywhere from 26 AWG by 2 AWG. The bigger the size of the wire the harder that it will be to bend. This kind of substantial copper wire would be perfect for a job where it will not have to be bent or moved too much, somewhere that flexibility is optional but toughness is not.

Stranded Bare Copper

Stranded copper wire is plain and simple just what it sounds like. It is one bigger wire made from twisting together smaller strands of copper to form the same size OD as a substantial copper strand would. Stranded bare copper ground wire can be found in Romex® wires. The stranded bare copper is flexible due to using smaller strands. This variation of bare copper wire is obtainable in sizes ranging from 18 AWG by 2 AWG.

Tinned Copper Wire

This is also known as the bus bar wire. It is made with either substantial or stranded copper. With this wire a inner of tin helps to pay attention to solder during assembly work. It’s used more often with insulation, but nevertheless comes without when needed. This kind of non-insulated wire is known to be non-corrosive in addition as a great conductor of electricity. The tin coating on it can help to raise the coppers similarities, in addition as make it last much longer than if it were alone.

Wires that are bare and have no insulation should not be used to transmit electricity. Without the insulation if someone touches the wires accidentally they will be electrocuted. No matter how low the voltage on the wire is any level of electrocution is a health danger. It used chiefly in overhead strength supplies where it cannot be reached by human hands. The tinned copper wire may be the best option for wire without insulation, the tin helps to also enhance the life of the wire. It is corrosion resistant while boosting the productivity.

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