Coping With Leukemia by Cord Blood Treatment

Coping With Leukemia by Cord Blood Treatment

Do you suffer leukemia? It will be your good news then. You can have a good and effective treatment by cord blood. This blood is considered as the strong source for stem cells. Stem cells are obtained from embryos. in addition, the treatment using this kind of cell is the right solution for some disorder such as leukemia.

Stem cells have the ability to replicate themselves to treat, repair, and also cure the damaged cells by some diseases including leukemia. Historically, the treatment by using this kind of cell was formerly completed in 1988. in addition, the general public could access this procedure in 1995. Today, you are able to meet cold blood banking for storing the stem cells in addition as cord blood.

Cord blood will be the right answer for some diseases. On June 2009, this blood was believed to be able to treat eighty diseases. It is a possible treatment for patients with leukemia, specifically for those who have no permissible source for bone thin transplant.

Then, how to use this cord blood as the treatment for leukemia? the time of action of the treatment begins when the blood is obtained from the giving birth mother. The patient is then given regular chemotherapy and followed by the high-measure chemotherapy. It is able to kill either normal or cancer-producing blood cells of the bone marrow. Since stem cell is able to kill the past cells, it will replicate and replace for new cells.

Furthermore, the real transplantation happens when the patient is injected with the stem cells. They are able to take over the new white blood cells creation of around 10 up to 14 days so that the production of your blood will little by little return to normal. In addition, you can possibly need transfusions of some substances such as platelets and red blood cells since they are not able to copy on their own.

Cord blood can be easily collected right after the birth. In order to keep it sterilized, it is then cryogenically stored either in a public or private bank until it is needed for transplant. In addition, this blood can be stored for indefinite time until it is needed for the treatment.

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