Conditions Get Worse as Denver Rents Rise, Readers Complain

After complaining about conditions for months, residents of the Mint Urban Infinity apartment complicate at 1251 South Bellaire Street have joined in a class-action civil lawsuit filed by the Cadiz Law firm against the complicate’s character manager, Cardinal Group Management.

While Mint Urban Infinity bills the complicate as “current, hip, sophistication” on its website, it’s truly “best characterized as a slum,” according to an announcement of the September 30 filing.

But judging from comments posted on the Westword Facebook post about the Mint Urban Infinity lawsuit, renters in other complexes around the metro have complaints about their conditions…and few options, already as Denver rents skyrocket. Says Amelia: 

I lived at Mint for two years and I’m so happy to see them taking action. I got bedbugs and they said I was the only unit with them and it must’ve been my fault. Roaches everywhere, and the bitchiest staff I have ever dealt with. I hope this makes them miserable!

Adds Christopher: 

I tried to move into this place. Thank God they denied me.

indicates Shadeed:

This is most of Denver now. I have neighbors who have water leaking into the light fixtures in the ceiling; been like that for a year with no fix. They show tenants a decent apartment to get them to sign the lease, and then when they move in it’s a whole different apartment in horrible condition. The health department seems to be in cahoots with a lot of these character managers. I filed a complaint to begin an investigation and this was two months ago and nevertheless nothing

Comments Greg:

And however how many people got evicted when they could not pay rent during the pandemic? Some people had their reasons for not paying rent, and this is one of them…

Counters Robert:

What a bunch of losers. Try moving if you are unhappy about your rented apartment. That’s how it works in America…unless you’re a lawyer or loser looking to scam the system.

Replies Ryan:

No, it works exactly like this in America. If you provide unsafe living conditions and are a slumlord, prepared to get your ass sued.

Concludes Joy:

Rents keep going up in this state, and conditions keep going down. Tenants have almost no rights. We need a change.

If you’re a tenant, have you had problems with character managers? If you’re a landlord, have you had problems with tenants? What protections do you think should be in place in this state? Post a comment or proportion your thoughts at [email protected]

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