Comprehensive Insurance or Third Party Car Insurance in Dubai

According to a report, there have been more than 3000 accidents reported per year in UAE which is quite terrible. Due to this rate of accidents, UAE RTA laws have become more gripping around to provide more safety to the motorists.

Today, car insurance has become mandatory in UAE. So if you do not want to lose on a large amount of Dirhams, it would be wise to use a small amount right now in the form of your car insurance policy.

Before going further, you must peek into the scenarios in which you are eligible to claim for your car insurance in UAE

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Here we have broken down the categories of means insurance in UAE. We assure you that by this car insurance comparison, you would be able to pick up the most appropriate policy.

Have a look!

What is Third Party Liability (TPL) Insurance?

Starting from the most basic means insurance policy, 3rd party car insurance in Dubai is the cheapest policy that you can opt for. It offers very limited sets in case of an accident, this is why it is cheaper than the other one.

Under this policy coverage, your insurance company only pays for the damage that occurs to the other means or character due to your negligence. Keep it in mind that it doesn’t pay for your lose. No medical expenses, no repairs, nothing else.

In case an insured means causes damage to the third person, the driver may contact his insurance provider to remunerate the injury or repair expenses of the other side.

So why does people pick up this policy over the other one? The answer lies in its cost effectiveness.

Also those who are confident on their excellent diving skills mostly go for this kind of policy.

Precisely quoting, if you are purchasing this policy from car insurance company in UAE, you have to pay your repair expenses from your own pocket.

If you want to enjoy some additional add-ons like fire or theft coverage, you have to pay some additional amount.

What is Comprehensive Car Insurance?

Simply put, Comprehensive car insurance covers third party car insurance plus the medical and repair expenses which are caused to your belongings as a consequence of an accident.

Sounds more advantageous? Yes, it is!

As it provides a wide coverage, so this policy is an expensive however more recommended option. It is better to invest some additional Dirhams now instead of regretting over a larger financial lose later.

It covers a general spectrum of expenses, from medical to repairs to windshield substitute, every finance comes under comprehensive car insurance in Dubai. This policy is in the driver’s favor whether the driver is at fault or in case of fire or theft, this is a go-to policy.

Fix in mind:

  • Comprehensive insurance is a necessity in case of car loan. The bank requires you to buy it at the minimum for the duration of the loan term in order to make your car protected. You can leverage various other benefits depending upon the bank policies.
  • Comprehensive insurance in Dubai does not cover the damages which are caused under Alcohol consumption.
  • Make sure to fully understand the clauses, terms and conditions of the policy you intend to buy.
  • Make sure to compare means insurance in UAE.

In the end, it all depends upon you that how much you are willing to pay for the policy of your choice. In order to take guidelines regarding insurance policies, feel free to contact Insurance TopUp or Just Call or WhatsApp +971565543022

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