Climbing Kilimanjaro: It’s Not Quite the Challenge You May Think

Climbing Kilimanjaro: It’s Not Quite the Challenge You May Think

Okay, so reaching the 19,340 feet high Uhuru Peak is not an easy venture, after all, you have to be good physical condition and fully dedicated to achieving this goal, but whether you are serious about mountain climbing, or just want to experience the travel opportunity of a lifetime, the Kilimanjaro trek is a truly unbeatable accomplishment.

The Kenyan mountain boasts three volcanos; Kibo, Mawenzi, and Shira, all of which make for a challenging climb, but experienced climbers who have plenty of Kilimanjaro skill will be on hand to help you ta all times. Not only do they know the mountain inside and out (literally), but they have lots of interesting facts to proportion with you as you climb. With this relaxed and entertaining approach to climbing the mountain, it’s no surprise that many mountaineers have compared the experience to a traditional holiday instead of a physically demanding climb.

The words ‘mountain climbing’ has connotations of an impossible endeavour being braved in the harshest of elements, but a Kilimanjaro climb is far from this. It’s more of a steep walk and the safety of climbers is made certain of at all times by the professionals that join any excursion. However, if there are any climbers who struggle with the more difficult travel routes, the less demanding ones like the Morangu, Rongai and Machame routes have cabins located throughout, and they contain some of the home comforts that climbers may miss during the trek, such as beds, electrical cooking apparatus, and bathrooms. This is a scenario far removed from 1889 when the since geologists Hans Mayer and Ludwig Purtscheller became the first me to make the Kilimanjaro excursion into uncertain territory.

However, if you are an experienced climber who loves a good challenge, the mountain also has three more challenging courses; the Lemosho, Umbwe and Northern routes. The average hike up and down Kilimanjaro takes somewhere from 5 to 9 days, but naturally this time isn’t spent just on climbing, as this includes stopping to relax and enjoy the many sights.

Ever since the mid-20th century, hiking up Kilimanjaro has been a popular excursion among climbing enthusiasts and beyond, as more and more people from all over the world are making the trek every year. Many celebrities have climbed the mountain for charity. The Red Nose Day Challenge of 2009 saw a diver number of stars participating in the excursion, including Ronan Keating, Cheryl Cole, and Chris Moyles. Why not follow their example and climb kilimanjaro for charity?

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