Chyavanaprash – character’s Gift For Staying Young And Healthy

Chyavanaprash – character’s Gift For Staying Young And Healthy

Chyavanaprash (chee yah VAH nah prahsh, and sometimes spelled Chyavanprash, Chyavan-Prash, or already Chyawanprash) is character’s Gift for staying young and healthy – it’s a 100% all-natural, ancient longevity & rejuvenation tonic!

According to Ayurveda, the ‘Rasayanas’ are ways to impart long, healthy, disease-free life. ‘Rasayana’ (‘Rasa’ method ‘food juice” and ‘ayana’ method ‘movement’ or ‘circulation’) aims at maintaining youthfulness, vigor, vitality of the body and keeping away the ageing course of action, senility and debility. It maintains the proper functioning of the cells and rejuvenates the cells too. As such it also keeps away diseases.

Chyavanaprash is a comprehensive herbal tonic with multiple health benefits, prepared according to an ancient Ayurvedic formula. Used by people all over the world today, it is a proven energizer, immunity booster and pre-emptive tonic.

Maharshi Chyavan first prepared this medicine to bring back youth in an old and fragile body – that is why it is known as “Chyavan-Prash”. Charak Samhita, the ancient Ayurvedic treatise written by sage Charak in the 4th century BC, contains the first historically proven formula for Chyavanaprash.

According to the ‘Charaka Samhita’, Chyavanaprash is “the foremost of all Rasayanas, and is especially excellent for alleviating cough, sinus problems, and asthma! It nourishes the ineffective, the wounded, the old, and those that are of tender years in addition.” by the use of this Rasayana, “a person acquires intelligence, memory, comeliness of body, freedom from disease, longevity, strength of the senses, great pleasure in the companionship with women, great increase in the strength of the digestive fire, improvement of the complexion, and preservation of the harmony of the three Doshas (Vata, Pitta, and Kapha).”

This rare ‘jam’ is a mix of 49 powerful Ayurvedic herbs with ‘amla’ (Indian gooseberry) as the base. The other elements in this traditional recipe include ashwaganda, pippali, cardamom, nutmeg and cinnamon in a base of Ghee (clarified butter) and honey. This magic elixir is good for all, irrespective of age and gender, and creates a harmonious synergy in the body leading to better metabolism.

Here are some specific health benefits of Chakrapani’s Special Chyavanaprash.

Digestive and Immune System: Chyavanaprash’s basic ingredient, amla, has 30 times more vitamin C than orange and helps in strengthening the immune system and expediting the healing course of action. Regular intake of Chyavanaprash strengthens digestion, absorption and assimilation of food and balances stomach acids.

Heart and Brain: The perfect blend of Ayurvedic herbs acts as a cardiac stimulant and helps in smooth functioning of the heart. Chyavanaprash nourishes the brain cells by supporting the nervous system and enhances co-ordination and memory strength. The tonic is good for students as it increases retention and ingemination.

Lung, Liver and Kidneys: The smooth functioning of the lungs is facilitated by the regular intake of Chyavanaprash. Moisture balance is maintained in the lungs and gives new energy to the respiratory system. Chyavanaprash helps purify blood, invigorates the liver and helps to eliminate toxins. It helps the downward flow of energy in the body and eases constipation. except these, this herbal jam eliminates wastes from the body without overloading the urinary system.

Other Benefits: The holistic traditional formula of Chyavanaprash improves skin complexion and fights dermal bacterial infection. It contributes hair growth and helps absorption of calcium, resulting in strong bones and teeth. It is especially good for alleviating coughs and asthma. The anti-oxidant similarities of the tonic act against the ageing course of action and continue youthfulness. Chyavanaprash enhances fertility, keeps menstruation regular and helps to conquer difficulties in conception. It also improves muscle tone by enhancing protein combination effectively.

The age-old Chyavanaprash is regarded as an all-embracing herbal health tonic by one and all, and has become an indispensable part of a healthy family.

1-2 Tablespoons daily will give you these other benefits in addition:

Excellent source of Vitamin C

Enhances food absorption

Balances stomach acids

Fortifies the liver

Nourishes the brain and boots mental functioning

Supports the heart

Strengthens the lungs

Regulates elimination of wastes from the body and flushes out toxins

Supports reproductive health

Helps the urinary system

contributes healthier hair

Increases vitality

Strengthens the eyes

Acts as a powerful antioxidant

Enhances the immune system

Caution: This product is not appropriate for persons experiencing from diabetes.

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