Choosing the Perfect Career – Ideal Occupations For Golds

Choosing the Perfect Career – Ideal Occupations For Golds

According to the Insight Temperament System, Golds prefer jobs that allow them to be thorough, accurate, and methodic. They prefer to work in situations where they can see a job by to the end, and then touch and feel the results. They’re functional, efficient, and cooperative workers that respect authority, discipline, and punctuality. They want to work in environments that are traditional, structured, orderly, and filled with other hard-working people. They have a powerful need to follow established procedures and routines, and do things the “right” way. They’re stable, honest, and dependable workers who generally put the needs of the company above their own.

Business: Administrator, Clerical supervisor, Computer operator, Customer service representative, Efficiency analyst, Factory supervisor, Office manager, Personnel administrator, Project manager, Receptionist, Retail business owner/operator, Sales representative, Secretary, Supervisor, Telemarketer, Typist

Education: Athletic coach, Child care worker, Economics teacher, Elementary school teacher, Government teacher, Guidance counselor, History teacher, Home economics teacher, Industrial arts teacher, Librarian, Mathematics teacher, Personal counselor, Physical education teacher, School administrator, School principal, Special education teacher

Finance: Accountant, Auditor, Bank examiner, Bank teller, Bookkeeper, Cashier, Credit analyst, Estate planner, Insurance agent, Insurance underwriter, Investment securities officer, Loan officer, Payroll clerk, Personal banker, Purchasing agent, Real estate broker, Stockbroker, Tax examiner

Government/civil service: Air traffic controller, Community welfare worker, Corrections officer, Government employee, IRS agent, estimate, Law enforcement officer, Legislator, Military officer, Politician, Post office worker, Probation officer, Public administrator, Social worker, Telephone operator

Health care: Dental hygienist, Dentist, Dietitian, Exercise physiologist, Family physician, General surgeon, Health care administrator, Hospital administrator, Lab technologist, Medical equipment salesperson, Medical secretary, Medical assistant, Nurse, Nursing administrator, Optometrist, Pharmacist, Physical therapist, Radiology technician, Veterinarian

Human sets: Caterer, Cook, Cosmetologist, Counselor, Customer service representative, Detective, Flight accompanying, Fund-raiser, Funeral director, great number/hostess, Innkeeper, Museum curator, specialized volunteer, Religious educator, Religious leader (minister/priest/rabbi), Salesperson, Security guard

Technical: Attorney, Clinical technician, Computer analyst, Computer programmer, Construction worker, Court reporter, Database manager, Electrician, Engineer, Farmer, General contractor, Law researcher, Legal secretary, Mechanic, Mechanical engineer, Technical writer

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