Chinese Astrology – Discover Your Future

Chinese Astrology – Discover Your Future

One’s destiny is greatly influence by Heaven, Earth and Human Luck. And each of these lucks would truly explain 33% of one’s path of life.

From the day we were born into the world, each of us are predestined or prearranged with this special code of destiny that influences various parts of our life. Some believe that it truly explain more than 40%.

Can one be able to create a new destiny or change one’s fate and take control of one’s life?

Some believe that our destiny is not predestined and can be changed. How true it is? We want to be master of our own destiny, and believe that if we try hard enough, we can be just anything we want. But can it really happen or is it just that we are not trying hard enough?

To be trying hard isn’t a bad thing but to be trying in the wrong way, it is.

In actual fact, this predestined code cannot be changed but one can choose to avoid making the undesirable actions by discovering the future. We can in a way, preplan our journey and avoid the unpleasant.

Life reading or Fortune telling is the practice of predicting and unlocked the secrets of the future.

shared Pre-Reading methods ;

– Chiromancy

(palmistry, study of the lines and signs of the hands)

– Bazi

(Four pillars of destiny)

– Zi Wei Dou Shu

(Purple Star Astrology)


(Ancient Chinese Astrology)

– Tarot, Numerology


(Reading of a crystal ball or sphere)

These Life Readings give an accurate description of a person’s life according to the year, month, day and hour of birth. Beside one’s personality, it also discloses individual strengths and weaknesses that may be applied to career choices and other major life decision.

Code of Destiny reading is like interpretation of a movie script, a script of one’s very own. These scripts can be pre-written to help determine the outcome of our future.

Life is complete of ups and downs and we are regularly strive in search for new solution with better decisions. By understanding the pre-written code, one can make better and popular decisions that would help them in his or her life’s achievement.

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